An Introduction to Cloud Hosting

an introduction to cloud hosting
The Cloud can be a complex topic, certainly when it comes to hosting. That is why we have put together an introduction to Cloud Hosting to help you work out whether Cloud Hosting is right for you.

What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is when a site or application utilises “the cloud” which is hosted on a series of virtual and physical servers.  This connects via the internet as opposed to a single physical server you can connect directly to. Cloud Hosting is a virtualized version of a standard server. This can give you more flexibility in accessing information stored across multiple physical and virtual locations. For businesses that are allowing staff to access information from other locations, this has become a serious way to plan working environments. Without the ability to access key information remotely there are a large number of businesses that will struggle to work successfully. Cloud services offer a solution to the working-from-home trend and allow more freedom for the company’s staff without having to be in the office. Cloud Hosting is a completely scalable solution for businesses that are constantly updating. Below are some of the key benefits and considerations to think about when using a cloud server solution.


  • Scalability – with Cloud it is easier to scale your service to your needs, whether that’s bigger or smaller. This also means as your business grows it’s easy to scale your hosting to meet this demand.
  • Pay for what you use – unlike other hosting options with Cloud you only pay for what you use rather than a flat rate.
  • Stability – As your system is spread across multiple servers this means the chances of being affected by hardware failures are massively reduced.
  • Flexibility – you can access all applications and data from practically any device.
  • Customisable – Due to the versatility of Cloud hosting you can tailor your own solution that suits your business needs rather than a set package.


  • Hybrid Model – this model combines cloud hosting with standard server hosting which provides an extra level of backup/storage capacity.
  • Sensitive Data – As your data is held on a shared system if you’re working with sensitive data it can be seen as a good idea to keep this on its own system. such as a Dedicated Server to ensure it is “more secure”, although most cloud servers are extremely secure.
  • The need to work remotely is a big consideration. If you want to have all of your company held on a private network the cloud might not be the way for your business but this can be discussed to help you get the best solution.


If you’re looking for a hosting service that gives you flexibility and the ability to scale to the current demand whilst only charging you for what you’re using then cloud hosting is a great option. If you would like to find out more about our Cloud Hosting services then head to our website! Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team about what we can offer then give us a call on 0161 464 6101 or email us at

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