Dedicated Server Hosting UK - Based in Manchester

Entry Level Set-Up

Great web hosting starter on a budget

This is the best value hosting package we offer. For little more than the cost of a VPS take control with your own dedicated server.

Intel Dual Core @ 2.4GHz


1 x 500GB


per month

10TB Included Traffic 

1 IP Address

dedicated server

Value Set-Up

Perfect for small businesses

This Value Set-Up is a great introduction to hosting. Ideal for your initial hosting needs while your business grows.

Intel Dual Core @ 2.9GHz


2 x 500GB


per month

10TB Included Traffic 

1 IP Address

dedicated server

Mid Level Set-Up

Recommended entry point for eCommerce

When our Value Set-Up is not quite powerful enough for your needs, the mid option represents excellent value for money for the next step up.

Intel Dual Core @ 3.6GHz


2 x 500GB


per month

10TB Included Traffic 

1 IP Address

dedicated server

Pro Level Set-Up

When you need extra performance

When you need that little bit more extra horse power under the hood, our Pro Set-Up is ideal for the job. Beef it up with additional options.

Intel Quad Core Xeon E3 @ 3.1GHz


2 x 240GB SSD


per month

20TB Included Traffic 

1 IP Address

dedicated server

Pro Plus Set-Up

Ideal for performance & storage

If you have very demanding needs then go this. We’ve already pre-configured it for you but you can still add some options for extra long-term flexibility.

Intel Quad Core Xeon E3 @ 3.5GHz


2x240GB SSD + 2x1TB HDD


per month

20TB Included Traffic 

2 IP Address

Dedicated Server

Enterprise Set-Up

For the most demanding applications & hosting

For power users and very demanding hosting or database applications. Pre-configured to provide power and value at the same time.

+ Xeon 8 Core @ 2.53GHz/2.8GHz Turbo


2x 240GB SSD 2x 1TB HDD


per month

50TB Included Traffic

4 IP Address

Dedicated Server

Standard Features

Maximum Performance

Optimised to achieve the best performance – our dedicated servers are configurable & uses the latest components available.

UK-Based Dedicated Servers

Located in Manchester, UK. We own our own data centre which gives us the flexibility to provide the ideal solution you need.

99.99% uptime guarantee

Industry standard SLA of 99.99% uptime guarantee. In the rare occasion you have issues, we will compensate you.

Choose your Control Panel

Control Panel options are available so you can easily manage your Dedicated Server through an admin panel on your web browser.

Choose from CPanel or Plesk – both very popular options with a well supported community.

You can of course use any Control Panel you wish by installing your own provided it falls within our acceptable use policy.

cPanel logo
Windows Logo
Windows Logo

Choose your Operating System

Choose between Linux or Windows operating systems for your dedicated server.

There are many distributions of Linux available. Linux is a popular choice for web developers who look to utilise systems such as Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Alternatively, for an additional fee, you can choose a Windows OS so you can make use of .NET and Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the set up fees?

Set up on all our Dedicated Servers are free as standard.

Can I install my own Control Panel?

You can use any Control Panel you wish as long as it adheres to our acceptable use policy.

I require a server that you do not seem to offer...

Don’t worry. Although we have predefined levels of Dedicated Servers based on their specifications, If you are needing something that may not seem configurable on our site, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

We’re a fully owned and managed data centre, so we have the flexibility to provide the exact solution you’re looking for.

Do we own our own data centre?

Yes. We own and manage our own data centre which is located in Manchester, UK.

As we are not a reseller or third party of another hosting company, the servers you will be getting are directly from Datacentreplus. This also means we can provide a better level of support on the rare occasion there are any issues with the server.

Looking for managed decided servers?

If you would like us to manage your server for you, then we have a range of managed servers available.
By letting us manage your server you can save your IT team time and keep focused on important projects