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    Dedicated Servers

    DedicatedPLUS Offerings

    Available OSs include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Microsoft Windows, along with a variety of control panels such as Plesk & WHM/cPanel

    Dedicated Servers


    • Dell R230
    • INTEL XEON E3-1220 V5
    • 3.00GHz Quad Core
    • 16GB RAM
    • 2 x 240GB SSD
    • RAID1
    • Management & Monitoring Included
    • Backup Included
    • Managed Firewall

    WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento & More

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    Dedicated Servers


    • Dell R330
    • INTEL XEON E3-1220 V5
    • 3.00GHz Quad Core
    • 32GB RAM
    • 2 x 480GB SSD
    • RAID1
    • Management & Monitoring Included
    • Backup Included
    • Managed Firewall

    Small-Medium Database Solutions

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    Dedicated Servers


    • Dell R630
    • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 V3
    • 2.40GHz Hex Core
    • 64GB RAM
    • 2 x 480GB SSD
    • RAID1
    • Management & Monitoring Included
    • Backup Included
    • Managed Firewall

    Large database or Hypervisor Solutions

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    Why choose datacentreplus as your partner?

    Server Hosting

    Maximum Performance

    Optimised to achieve the best performance our dedicated servers are configurable & uses the latest components available.

    Dedicated Servers

    UK-Based Dedicated Servers

    Located in Manchester, UK. We own our own data centre which gives us the flexibility to provide the ideal solution you need.

    Cloud Hosting

    99.99% uptime guarantee

    Industry standard SLA of 99.99% uptime guarantee. In the rare occasion you have issues, we will compensate you.

    Managed Servers

    Migration Included

    We will handle the migration of your existing sites, if you need us to so you can concentrate on managing your business.

    Colocation Services

    A Bespoke & Personalised Service

    Right from the start, we place you and your business’s needs at the core of the service we provide you with.

    Agency Hosting

    High Levels Of Customer Service

    Heavy investment in our helpdesk and support services ensure there’s always a technical specialist at the other end of the phone.

    Cloud Hosting

    5 Star Reviews

    From industries as varied as digital marketing, leisure and hospitality, our clients are continuously impressed by the level of service and support they receive from us.

    What our customers have to say

    • Datacentreplus recently took over the hosting of Forever Manchester's website. They were friendly, efficient, quick, great communicators, and professional.

      Forever Manchester
      Nick Massey , CEO
      Forever Manchester
    • We host many of our services with Datacentreplus and basically this is how hosting should be done. Efficient, but with a human side, too.

      Embryo Digital
      James Welch, Director
      Embryo Digital
    • Datacentreplus has provided an excellent and reliable service to our organisation since 2015.  Operating a fleet of ambulances throughout the UK, we needed a provider who we could trust and rely on for mission critical services, ensuring our fleets Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) stayed online and connected so we could offer best patient care. Having access to prompt and knowledgeable "remote hands" 24/7 has proven to be priceless.

      Medic 1
      Nick Knight, Software Engineer
      Medic 1
    • Datacentreplus is a fantastic provider who went that extra mile to find out about the way our business works. They then created a tailored solution which not only supports our current customer base but also allows us to plan for future expansion. This helps give us confidence as we know we have a solid base for growing our business. Rare issues have been solved quickly and full communication has been provided along the way.

      Primo Dialler
      Mohammed Mashadi, Head of Strategy
      Primo Dialler
    • We host five servers at Datacentreplus for our clients and the customer service is second to none. Not only that, the servers are very cost-effective compared to our previous hosting provider. I can't recommend them enough!.

      Mark Dale, Founder
    • Fantastic service and a great team to work with. They go over and above to help and I would highly recommend them.

      ATTAIN Digital
      Jackie Salt, Commercial Manager
      ATTAIN Digital
    • Good, fast and friendly service. Datacentreplus offer great value for money on the services they provide

      Cloud53 Ltd
      Craig Robison, Director
      Cloud53 Ltd
    • Datacentreplus are worlds apart from most other hosting companies. It's great working with a local, Manchester company and a team who make the effort to get to know their network. Highly recommend!.

      Making You Content
      Kelly Gilmour-Grassam, Director
      Making You Content
    • The key to a good company is not how they are when things go well, but how they help when things go wrong. The team at Datacentreplus have jumped to our rescue twice in the past six months, once when we had a catastrophic event on our server. We were rebuilt and back up and running in 8 hours and Rajon stayed until 10 pm on a Friday night to make it happen. Recently, one of the engineers has helped us with a range of issues and seems to have infinite patience with us, which is greatly appreciated. Nice to know there is a friendly helpful person there if we need one.

      Aqueous Digital
      Jonathan Guy, Managing Director
      Aqueous Digital
    • Datacentreplus are our recommended hosting partner. Great Service at a Great Price; I have no problem directly introducing any of Strawberry Forge's clients over to the team.

      Strawberry Forge
      Nick Taylor, Director
      Strawberry Forge
    • As an SEO agency from Manchester, we were delighted to discover Datacentreplus and their excellent fully managed dedicated server hosting for digital agencies. This is a service that works so well for us, and we could not be happier.

      Embryo Digital
      Ross Green, Managing Director
      Embryo Digital
    • From the start of our new host shopping, I knew Datacentreplus were ahead of the game. FireCask had a very specific requirement that most hosts could not accommodate which I was surprised about, but Datacentreplus not only offered most of those things, but worked with us to ensure the other features were there for us when we migrated. Because of our new setup, our new Datacentreplus server is now much more secure, faster and streamlined, meaning we'll already achieve a good ROI within 3 months alone.

      Alex Moss, Director
    • Being a digital publisher we needed a company who understood the importance of reliance, security & performance. Datacentreplus went above and beyond with our migration from development hosting elsewhere to their upscaled capability. The tech team were first rate, whilst management dealt with everything seamlessly.

      Julian Dowe, CEO
    • An excellent partner for agency website hosting and all associated aspects. Great support, rapid response and great value for our business model

      Richard Dennison, Director
    • I recently moved from a well-known UK based hosting provider to Datacentreplus. The team were really helpful and worked with me every step of the way through the migration and set up of my new machine. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. Their service is excellent!.

      Mainroom Media
      James Rigby, Director
      Mainroom Media
    • Incredible company, efficient, professional and friendly. Communication with them is instant, we have a key account manager and they always seem to have our needs at the forefront of their minds. It would be very hard to persuade me to use anyone else and I look forward to rolling out more platforms with their support!

      GB Shared Limited
      Lisa Edge, CEO
      GB Shared Limited

      Companies that trust us

      Dedicated Server Hosting

      Datacentreplus offers customers a dedicated server hosting service which offers premium infrastructure, support and security for your data. Our competitive pricing schemes keep prices as low as possible with customisable packages available for more unique server hosting needs. All prices offer free set-up of servers with 2-hour set-up times available based on server needs for a smooth and efficient process.

      For more information about what package best suits your business we recommend you contact our team of experts for an in-depth explanation of our offering. Our servers can be set up to run on both Windows and Linux based on personal preference or suitability for your server needs. To offer clients maximum performance we optimise our dedicated servers by using the highest quality hardware and the latest components available.

      We understand that for many businesses, the thought of moving servers can seem overwhelming and troublesome, fraught with worry about what could go wrong. Downtime, loss of data and a negative shift in your search engine rankings can leave you with a feeling of dread, especially if it’s not just your website that depends on your current server. However, if you and your clients have been dealing with poor site speed and underperforming web hosts that are clearly taking its toll on your websites’ performance, then you know that it’s now time to consider other options.

      We make moving from any host to our dedicated servers a breeze, because we understand the importance of consistency, server speed and a service that matches how you currently work with your clients. With your approval, we can contact your current host, gain access to your databases, sites and files and then take charge of the migration process. Due to the varied, bespoke and custom-built servers that we have here at Datacentreplus, migrating websites from cPanel, Plesk and other website platforms is very easy, and speeds up the whole migration process considerably.

      Our dedicated server hosting service provides high-level infrastructure, support and protection for all of your data, files and websites, and all servers are optimised for performance. Whether you choose our MAX, POWER OR ENTERPRISE LEVEL SET-UP, you are provided with unlimited bandwidth, premium Dell and Intel servers, 10TB included traffic and lifetime hardware and labour replacement warranty as standard. Along with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and support from our technical team who are available 24x7x 365 days of the year, you can’t find a better level of service, or a greater range of premium servers, than we offer here at Datacentreplus.

      Speak to an industry expert today about your requirements

      Let us help you find the perfect hosting solution


      With hacks and data breaches the bane of the online world, security is imperative for continued success. When choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you should consider factors such as data centre security, physical location and the protective features the host provides.

      Our servers are located in our ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified data centre in Manchester, where access control, continuous monitoring and network protection ensure operations always run smoothly. Fully redundant connectivity is supplied through dual independent networks with automatic failover, and environmental monitoring detects excessive humidity, moisture or water ingress, allowing us to act quickly.

      Geographical location can also boost your website’s rankings, and therefore hosting UK-based domains on UK-based servers is very important. Being located in Manchester, we are also in a prime position for visits from you and your business, as well as from your clients in the North-West. 

      Unique IP Address

      A dedicated server comes with its own IP address, which itself has a variety of benefits. With shared hosting, where you share your IP address with other websites, it’s possible that if one of these sites were an adult site, spam site or engaged in illegal activities, it could result in your search engine results & page rankings being pushed down due to your website’s association with it. With dedicated hosting, you won’t be sharing the same IP with other websites, and therefore their behaviour won’t affect your rankings or reputation. With blacklisting also a possibility, a dedicated server is certainly a safer choice.

      A dedicated IP is imperative for eCommerce businesses that use SSL for card payments of any kind, because shared hosts tend not to be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.


      Server Management

      As it’s your server, you can run the programs, applications and software that you require, as well as initiate special server security measures that the former need to run. The specialist control panels that our dedicated hosting services come with makes it easy for you to run your website and access and alter its features. Should you ever get stuck or encounter technical difficulties, then you have a 24x7x365 specialist technical team available to provide advice, guidance and find and fix the issues swiftly.

      If you opt for one of our fully managed dedicated servers, then you have the added benefits of proactive server management, regular backups, patching and ongoing optimisation.

      Server monitoring is also important and we continuously check your server’s health, performance and security measures to ensure it works effectively.

      Server Resources

      Unlike with shared hosting – where the amount of disk space, bandwidth and RAM you are given is limited because you are sharing with others on the server – dedicated hosting ensures that these functions are dedicated entirely to your business and its server. You don’t need to worry about other websites using your server’s RAM and CPU and you can be certain that bad scripts running on other websites or spikes in bandwidth and traffic won’t slow your server down.

      With a dedicated server, you can also decide on the applications, scripts and websites that run on it, which also means greater control and better security for your website and that of your clients. This is especially important for companies that deal with transactions over FTP or SSL.

      Flexibility and Customisation

      A dedicated server provides you with the flexibility of customising your server to your business’s individual requirements, in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space, platform and software. As your business grows, and your clients’ websites expand, you’ll likely need additional space, resources and bandwidth, which dedicated hosting allows, without having to migrate over to a new server or new hosting provider. Therefore, not only is dedicated hosting flexible and customisable, it is scalable too.

      All of our servers are configurable and use state-of-the-art components to ensure optimised performance.

      Choose The Right Server For You:

      We understand how difficult it can be to find a reliable, efficient and stable hosting platform that is backed-up with super-fast support when you need it the most. This is why we have developed a range of pre-configured options that are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes, to help get you up and running as soon as possible.

      What Do All Of Our Options Include?

      • We only use branded components for our dedicated servers that are optimised for performance.
      • We provide a lifetime parts and labour guarantee on all of our servers, with all components for standard servers always in stock.
      • All of our servers come with unlimited backups straight from our Manchester-based data centre, giving you an easy way to manage your company’s backup and recovery needs.
      • Help with configuration so that you get the best out of your development platforms, such as WordPress.
      • Unlimited bandwidth, ensuring you never have to worry about having enough space or any additional charges that may come your way.

      Free migration support, minimising downtime and allowing you to be back up and running in no time.

      Make sure you choose the right server for your needs

      Speak to our experts today at Datacentreplus

      The Dell R/ Series

      • This range offers an extensive, cyber-resilient architecture with security incorporated into every server to help protect your data.
      • Scale-out infrastructure ensures you’re never constrained by the limits of older servers and maximises the usage of your new one.
      • Protects server configuration from malicious hardware or system updates so you’re business is protected at all times.
      • System erase available to help ensure data privacy when you repurpose your servers.
      • Automatic updates that check file dependencies and proper update sequences.

      The Xeon Silver Core Range:

      • Maximises performance so that your servers are always running efficiently.
      • Enables consistent, low latencies minimising the delay between data volume and output.
      • Optimised for data sharing and memory access between all CPU cores and threads for the perfect bandwidth and capacity.
      • Comprised of a superb range of network and storage ingredients, which include: 10GbE, QuickAssist Technology and 3D XPoint memory.
      • Designed with modern virtualized and hybrid cloud structures in mind.

      MySQL Databases:

      • The most popular application for adding, accessing and managing content in a database, with ease and flexibility of use.
      • Tools such as CMS systems, forums, galleries, blogs and shopping carts are easily stored on these databases.

      Hardware Raid:

      • Improved performance, especially with more complex RAID configurations. Processing is handled by the dedicated RAID processor which means less strain on the system when writing backups, and less downtime when restoring data.
      • Compatible across multiple operating systems, such as Windows and Linux.

      WHM Control Panel:

      • Allows you to easily create, delete and suspend your cPanel accounts.
      • Provides access to check and change of all your domains’ DNS zones.
      • Gives you the ability to configure your clients’ support requests through the cPanel.
      • Branded hosting and control panel ensures it is uniquely yours.
      • Should one of your websites get hacked, the likelihood that they’ll get into your other sites is dramatically reduced, increasing business security.
      • You have the ability to monitor and adjust your bandwidth and disk space.
      UK Hosting Services

      Our Dedicated Team

      On the rare occasion when things go wrong we make things right, that’s our plus!

      Server Cabs

      Since 2015, our specialist team have been providing clients with fully-managed dedicated servers, as well as colocation, cloud hosting and data backup services, supporting their business growth and improving client relations. Supporting industries as varied as digital marketing, product development, hospitality, leisure and manufacturing our team ensures that every single one of our clients receives a level of service that goes above and beyond that which our competitors can provide them with. Coupled with our market knowledge, endless support and unfaltering devotion to your needs, our clients receive everything they require to run their business online at optimum capabilities.

      Our team provide round-the-clock support, regardless of whether it’s Easter, Christmas, 2:30am in the morning or 11pm at night. When the unfortunate happens, you need a team member who truly understands the issue, takes ownership of the situation and doesn’t rest until it’s resolved. That’s the kind of people that make up our dedicated team here at Datacentreplus, and we’re proud to call them that. Even with simple queries or questions, our people are always willing to go the extra mile to provide our clients with the best possible service.

      Right from the start, they’re there to offer advice concerning the ideal server for your company, talking you through the options based off of your needs, clients and growth plans. Offering guidance on the right RAM, Intel Core system, SSD and number of cPanel accounts required among other features, we ensure you invest in the server that’s right for you.

      Why Our Customers Choose Datacentreplus

      Useful Tools

      A Bespoke & Personalised Service

      Right from the start, we place you and your business’s needs at the core of the service we provide you with.

      Secure Server Infrastructure

      24/7 Security

      CCTV monitoring, motion detection and specialist alarm systems are just a part of our 24/7/365 security, along with manned guards.


      High Levels Of Customer Service

      Heavy investment in our helpdesk and support services ensure there’s always a technical specialist at the other end of the phone.

      Secure Cloud Network

      99.99% Uptime Guarantee

      Industry standard SLA of 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring your business’s operations are always up and running.

      ISO27001 Certified

      ISO27001 & ISO9001 Certified Data Centre

      Our data centre is both ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified, providing your data with the highest levels of protection, with risk mitigation built in.

      Technical Support

      5 Star Reviews

      From industries as varied as digital marketing, leisure and hospitality, our clients are continuously impressed by the level of service and support they receive from us.

      Cloud Hosting

      UK-Based Dedicated Servers

      Our Manchester-based data centre is fully owned and managed by us, giving us the flexibility to work to our customers’ unique specifications.

      Agency Hosting

      High Client Retention

      We take great pride in our customer service and as a result we have gained a band of loyal customers from a range of industries.

      Server Hosting

      Industry Expertise

      Our on-site engineers not only manage our equipment, but provide technical support to help our clients get the best out of their service.

      Server Management

      Migration Included

      Due to our bespoke servers, we make migration a breeze, regardless of the website platform, RAM or bandwidth that you require.

      Hosting Services UK

      Ahead Of The Game

      We are the fastest growing hosting provider and data centre in the North, with clients from all industries praising our infrastructure and support system.

      Colocation Services

      Plenty Of Choice

      From dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting and colocation to data backup and hosted exchange, we have plenty of options for your business.

      What Is Dedicated Server Hosting?

      Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to a single business or used for a specific purpose, such as to maintain a website. It includes a web server, related software, connection to the internet and is typically located in a secure data centre. A server can be configured to meet the particular needs of the business and can be managed by either the client or the hosting company.

      Why Should I Choose Dedicated Hosting?

      There are many benefits to choosing dedicated hosting, which include:

      Customisation – Unlike other hosting solutions that are available, dedicated hosting allows the client control over their server, customising it based on your business’s needs. You can choose the CPU, RAM, disk space, platform, and software, and as your business grows, increase the space, resources, and bandwidth without having to move server.

      No Server Congestion – Whereas shared hosting runs the risk of congestion due to traffic and usage levels of other websites, applications or software running on the same server, dedicated hosting allows undisturbed operation and is especially suitable for resource-heavy websites.

      Security – Other websites also bring increased security risks – for example – if they unknowingly download a virus or suffer from a cyber attack. With a dedicated server, clients can install anti-virus and firewall, as well as malware protection, to suit their particular needs.

      Uptime – As downtime can lead to loss of business, functionality, and usability are a must in the online world. We have a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and our technical team is always on hand to help in the unlikely event that any major issues occur.

      Dedicated Server Hosting

      What Are The Differences Between Shared And Dedicated Hosting?

      • A dedicated server hosting service means that your website is the only website hosted on the server. With shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth that you are given is dependent on whether there are others sharing on the server, and is therefore limited.
      • Generally, server performance and response time is more reliable and efficient on a dedicated server, because bursts of traffic aren’t constrained by the demands of other businesses.
      • Shared hosting means less control over your server, as the hosting company decides which other businesses you share your server with, and how it’s utilised. With a dedicated server, you choose which programs, applications and software you install, as well as the security measures that you want to run.
      • Should an issue occur on your neighbour’s server, it’s possible that your website could be blacklisted by Google and other search engines, especially if the activity is illegal. With a dedicated system, you’re in complete control of what goes on on your server, maximising your server’s security.

      What Is The Difference Between cPanel and WHM?

      cPanel is an online control panel that helps users manage their Linux hosting service. Allowing them to create, add and manage domains and subdomains, as well as upload and manage files, set up email hosting and install numerous add-ons and APIs such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, there’s lots that this control panel can do.

      WHM is an access tool for the backend of the cPanel account, allowing access to DNS zones of all domains being hosted. Allowing users to create, delete and suspend cPanel accounts, it also allows users to install and manage SSL certificates and monitor the status of the server and its resources.

      How Secure Is Your Data Centre?

      Because we know how important your websites, blogs, forums and eCommerce systems are to the security and efficiency of your business, we ensure that ours runs smoothly, too. Built with security in mind, we have the following measures in place:

      • We have both the ISO27001- and ISO9001 certifications, giving you peace of mind that your data is protected at the highest standard and is independently audited on a regular basis. We’re happy to share a copy of our certificates with you, too.
      • Our data centre is located within a walled and gated area, complete with multiple security points and state-of-the-art entry control systems. Our data hall can only be accessed by authorised personnel using their own unique electronic security fobs. Our intruder alarm is also police-linked and monitored by a 24×7 alarm receiving centre.
      • Site visits are strictly by appointment only and restricted to visitor areas. Customer access is available to pre-authorised individuals and upon presentation of suitable IDs.
      • We have both internal and external 24/7/365 CCTV monitoring, and 24-hour manned security for that extra protection.

      How Competitively Priced Are Your Servers, And Do You Charge Set Up Fees?

      Every single one of our clients benefit from a personalised approach that takes their industry and business needs into account, and provides a solution that also goes above and beyond client expectations. The high standard of service, our staff’s unending support and the variety of customisable services that we provide, at very competitive prices, ensure that our servers are always worth the investment.

      All of our dedicated servers have set-up included in the price, making your investment go further.

      What Can I Install On My Server?

      You are free to install anything you’d like on our servers, including, but not limited to: websites, email applications, instant messaging services, blogs and gaming systems, as well as audio streaming software. However, we do have to have some restrictions and anything illegal, or in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy as stated in our  ‘Terms & Conditions’, is prohibited.

      If you’d like more information on this, then please contact us via phone, email or through our webchat feature and we will be happy to assist.

      VPS Server Hosting Services

      Are Your Servers Hosted In The UK?

      All of our servers are located in our Manchester-based data centre. Fully owned and managed by us, it allows us to work within our clients’ needs, giving them levels of support that you just can’t find elsewhere.

      We’ve also invested heavily in our helpdesk and support services, run by our own on-site engineers, who understand the services and the issues you may encounter, as well as how to provide the best possible solution in the most efficient manner. Our team are always available, providing the help you need when you need it the most.

      Do You Backup My Server?

      All managed servers are backed-up by us.  Some customers prefer to manage their own servers and we don’t provide backup for these as standard but, for a small additional fee, you can add this to your service package during the configuration stages of your server or any time later.

      We cannot stress the importance of backup enough, because without a recovery plan in place, your company may experience permanent data loss, prolonged downtime, unending expenses and exasperation as you try to explain any catastrophic data loss to your clients.

      What Makes Datacentreplus The Right Choice For My Business?

      • We have developed a range of pre-configured hosting options that are perfect for agencies of all sizes, which are reliable, scalable and backed-up by technical support as and when you need it.
      • We have clients from industries spanning health and safety, manufacturing, leisure and digital marketing, providing us with an in depth understanding of the needs of various markets and the knowledge of how to cater to them.
      • We are the fastest growing hosting provider and data centre in the North, becoming a driving force for businesses looking to set up there, or those considering expansion opportunities.
      • Our team is available 24x7x365, so whether you’d simply like some guidance, need help with migration or experience an unexpected issue, we’re always there to get you through it.

      Get In Touch

      For more information on any of our dedicated server options, please contact us today to find out more.


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