Superfast network
2 hour Setup available*
UK Data Centre

Pro Level Set-up

For when you need extra performance

Dell R420/R430

Intel Xeon 6 Core


2x 120GB SSD

Hardware RAID 1

10TB Included Traffic

1 IP Address

Pro Plus Set-up

For when you need serious performance

Dell R420/R430

Intel Xeon 6 Core


2x 240GB SSD

Hardware RAID 1

10TB Included Traffic

1 IP Address

Enterprise Level Set-up

Most demanding applications & hosting

Dell R620/R630

Intel Xeon 8 Core


4x 240GB SSD

Hardware RAID 10

10TB Included Traffic

2 IP Address

Enterprise Plus Set-up

A true enterprise class server

Dell R620/R630

Intel Xeon 10 Core


4x 240GB SSD

Hardware RAID 10

10TB Included Traffic

2 IP Address


Maximum Performance

Optimised to achieve the best performance our dedicated servers are configurable & uses the latest components available.


UK-Based Dedicated Servers

Located in Manchester, UK. We own our own data centre which gives us the flexibility to provide the ideal solution you need.


99.99% uptime guarantee

Industry standard SLA of 99.99% uptime guarantee. In the rare occasion you have issues, we will compensate you.

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Premium Features as Standard

  • Generous Remote Hands Included
  • 24x7x365 UK Based Support
  • Lifetime Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • Premium Dell and Intel Servers
  • Superfast UK datacentre
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Direct support from our engineers

Our UK based technical support is available 24x7x365.

We don’t outsource our technical team, so you’ll be working with our qualified Datacentreplus engineers directly.

They will help you with your setup, get you started with your server, or assist you with troubleshooting issues that may arise.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Datacentreplus offers customers a dedicated server hosting service which offers premium infrastructure, support and security for your data. Our competitive pricing schemes keep prices as low as possible with customisable packages available for more unique server hosting needs. All prices offer free set-up of servers with 2-hour set-up times available based on server needs for a smooth and efficient process.

For more information about what package best suits your business we recommend you contact our team of experts for an in-depth explanation of our offering. Our servers can be set up to run on both Windows and Linux based on personal preference or suitability for your server needs. To offer clients maximum performance we optimise our dedicated servers by using the highest quality hardware and the latest components available.

We understand that for many businesses, the thought of moving servers can seem overwhelming and troublesome, fraught with worry about what could go wrong. Downtime, loss of data and a negative shift in your search engine rankings can leave you with a feeling of dread, especially if it’s not just your website that depends on your current server. However, if you and your clients have been dealing with poor site speed and underperforming web hosts that are clearly taking its toll on your websites’ performance, then you know that it’s now time to consider other options.

We make moving from any host to our dedicated servers a breeze, because we understand the importance of consistency, server speed and a service that matches how you currently work with your clients. With your approval, we can contact your current host, gain access to your databases, sites and files and then take charge of the migration process. Due to the varied, bespoke and custom-built servers that we have here at Datacentreplus, migrating websites from cPanel, Plesk and other website platforms is very easy, and speeds up the whole migration process considerably.

Our dedicated server hosting service provides high-level infrastructure, support and protection for all of your data, files and websites, and all servers are optimised for performance. Whether you choose our PRO LEVEL SET-UP, PRO PLUS SET-UP, ENTERPRISE LEVEL SET-UP or our ENTERPRISE PLUS SET-UP, you are provided with unlimited bandwidth, premium Dell and Intel servers, 10TB included traffic and a lifetime hardware and labour replacement warranty as standard. Along with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and support from our technical team who are available 24x7x 365 days of the year, you can’t find a better level of service, or a greater range of premium servers, than we offer here at Datacentreplus.

Server Resources

Unlike with shared hosting – where the amount of disk space, bandwidth and RAM you are given is limited because you are sharing with others on the server – dedicated hosting ensures that these functions are dedicated entirely to your business and its server. You don’t need to worry about other websites using your server’s RAM and CPU and you can be certain that bad scripts running on other websites or spikes in bandwidth and traffic won’t slow your server down.

With a dedicated server, you can also decide on the applications, scripts and websites that run on it, which also means greater control and better security for your website and that of your clients. This is especially important for companies that deal with transactions over FTP or SSL.

Flexibility and Customisation

A dedicated server provides you with the flexibility of customising your server to your business’s individual requirements, in terms of CPU, RAM, disk space, platform and software. As your business grows, and your clients’ websites expand, you’ll likely need additional space, resources and bandwidth, which dedicated hosting allows, without having to migrate over to a new server or new hosting provider. Therefore, not only is dedicated hosting flexible and customisable, it is scalable too.

All of our servers are configurable and use state-of-the-art components to ensure optimised performance.


With hacks and data breaches the bane of the online world, security is imperative for continued success. When choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you should consider factors such as data centre security, physical location and the protective features the host provides.

Our servers are located in our ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified data centre in Manchester, where access control, continuous monitoring and network protection ensure operations always run smoothly. Fully redundant connectivity is supplied through dual independent networks with automatic failover, and environmental monitoring detects excessive humidity, moisture or water ingress, allowing us to act quickly.

Geographical location can also boost your website’s rankings, and therefore hosting UK-based domains on UK-based servers is very important. Being located in Manchester, we are also in a prime position for visits from you and your business, as well as from your clients in the North-West.

Unique IP Address

A dedicated server comes with its own IP address, which itself has a variety of benefits. With shared hosting, where you share your IP address with other websites, it’s possible that if one of these sites were an adult site, spam site or engaged in illegal activities, it could result in your search engine results & page rankings being pushed down due to your website’s association with it. With dedicated hosting, you won’t be sharing the same IP with other websites, and therefore their behaviour won’t affect your rankings or reputation. With blacklisting also a possibility, a dedicated server is certainly a safer choice.

A dedicated IP is imperative for eCommerce businesses that use SSL for card payments of any kind, because shared hosts tend not to be PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.

Server Management

As it’s your server, you can run the programs, applications and software that you require, as well as initiate special server security measures that the former need to run. The specialist control panels that our dedicated hosting services come with makes it easy for you to run your website and access and alter its features. Should you ever get stuck or encounter technical difficulties, then you have a 24x7x365 specialist technical team available to provide advice, guidance and find and fix the issues swiftly.

If you opt for one of our fully managed dedicated servers, then you have the added benefits of proactive server management, regular backups, patching and ongoing optimisation.

Server monitoring is also important and we continuously check your server’s health, performance and security measures to ensure it works effectively.

“Fantastic service and a great team to work with. They go over and above to help and I would highly recommend them”

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