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Power: An integral part of our data centre

As obvious as it sounds, power is a critical part of a data centre. Basically, data centres rely on power for just about everything they do. No power, no data! It really is like anything else that requires electricity. To ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times in a data centre, the System Administrators
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Does it matter where your server is hosted?

Yes, it does. But why?;   Choosing a sub-satisfactory hosting provider could result in issues for you and your customers, such as slow speeds, technical glitches and even security problems.  Whilst everything may seem to work fine at first, eventually, complications could arise.    Reliability   Not all hosting providers are equal, and for small
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Cloud Hosting – What’s it all about?

What is meant by Cloud Hosting you ask? It may be a phrase that you hear all the time, but are not familiar with. Well, simply put, Cloud Hosting is basically accessing and storing data through the internet rather than through your computer’s hard drive. Essentially, the cloud is just a metaphor for computing. One
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What is Big Data?

The phrase ‘big data’ is a commonly used term used to describe data that is challenging to process, with traditional methods of handling this data being shown to be near impossible due to the volume of data. ‘Big data’ can be classified into six areas, also known as the 6 Vs.  Volume The day-to-day running
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The advantages of having your hosting servers local

When choosing your hosting provider there are a few things to consider, however, one that is often overlooked is the location. Having your hosting provider based locally to you is a lot more beneficial than you might think, here are a few reasons why. Size While it may seem logical to go for the provider
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Is The Future of Office Spaces Virtual?

With the world being told to work from home and embrace the remote work lifestyle, will businesses continue to adopt this virtual mindset or revert to their physical roots? When the work from home order was first introduced many companies were unprepared, but after some organisation and implementing a proper remote working system, some companies
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Returning to the workplace: how technology has changed the way we work

As restrictions across the UK start to ease and talk of our ‘new normal’ begins, there has been much discussion around returning to the workplace and just how much things have changed when it comes to technology and how we use it day to day to communicate and work with colleagues after over a year
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What is cloud hosting & how does it work?

It’s difficult to avoid the term cloud hosting but you may not be entirely familiar with precisely what it is. With the recent shift to cloud-based working and an increase in businesses looking for cloud-based services, cloud hosting has become a popular and attractive hosting solution for many businesses.  Experts say 60% of workloads were
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The future of work in 2021 and beyond

In 2020 the world as we know it changed in ways that most of us could not have imagined. Although most of us long to go back to the good old days of meeting friends over brunches and after-work drinks with friends, there have been some positive side effects to the gloom that has been
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