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2021 Tech Trend Predictions

It’s no secret that technology is advancing more rapidly every year. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen technology accelerate like never before. Since our world has changed so drastically this year, businesses have had to alter their approach in order to stay operating during lockdown periods where possible. People who may have
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How to stay safe on Computer Security Day 2020

The 1980s were an exciting time – alongside extreme fashion and big hair, it was also when the beloved internet was born, which we now know, as a society, simply cannot do without. Around the time that computers were becoming commonplace, so too were hackers and viruses. As our systems became more sophisticated, essential files
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How secure is your data when stored in the cloud?

Cloud data storage services are becoming more popular than ever and it’s not hard to see why. As the technical challenges of storing vast amounts of data have been significantly reduced, cloud hosting services have also become incredibly user friendly. As the world becomes more dependent on the internet than ever before, and with server
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Uptime is everything

We live in an interconnected world powered by information technologies, where site uptime should be a non-negotiable factor for businesses. Online stores, ecommerce websites and personal blogs (to name a few) rely heavily on having a website that runs smoothly and is accessible to carry out its daily functions and business purpose. So what exactly
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Cloud vs Dedicated Server – What’s the best option for my business?

While comparing different service providers you’ll have probably heard of two of the more common types of services from data centres:  cloud hosting and dedicated servers. While any of these would be able to get you started it’s important to choose the service that best suits your business needs. Both have their advantages and disadvantages
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What you need to know about cloud hosting

It’s difficult to avoid the term Cloud Hosting but you may not be entirely familiar with exactly what it is.  Read on to find out….  To provide you with a brief overview of cloud hosting, this short article should help you gain a  good insight into cloud hosting and its benefits and tell you what
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Datacentreplus completes power upgrade in response to data centre demand

Datacentreplus have successfully completed a power upgrade for the Manchester-based data centre to cope with increased demand and anticipated future growth. The data centre has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and the increase in power capacity is a sign of strong continued growth. The investment is not only a
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Cloud servers are now available

  Today our cloud servers are officially available online and purchasable through our website. We are very excited to provide our customers with more service options and flexibility. Our cloud servers can give customers a very economical and robust solution. Cloud servers can provide a great alternative to dedicated servers. Our servers are fully redundant
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