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IPTables for Outbound Connections

IPTables is an application that installed by default with Linux distributions. It works much the same way as Access Control Lists

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Setup CentOS iptables for IPv4

There are several ways to configure iptables on CentOS. In this tutorial, I will show you a few basic but

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How to test your internet connection speed (desktop & mobile)

Testing your connection speed should be a scientific test and there are many tools available online that can produce accurate

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Reading Gmail Using PHP And IMAP

Introduction Have you ever had the need to retrieve e-mail information and utilize the data for display on a website,

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Add Your Domain Email to Gmail

  If you have your own domain e.g, it is likely you have an email account like This

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Redirecting HTTP visitors to HTTPS

Rationale HTTPS is gradually superseding HTTP as the chosen method of accessing websites.  The latest versions of Google’s “Chrome” browser,

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