Managed Hosting

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What is Managed Hosting?

Only you know what’s best for your business, so if sharing your server with unknown websites is just too risky, and in-house management is just too costly, then you know that a managed dedicated server is the right way to go. All of our servers are custom-built, secured and optimised for industry-leading performance and reliability, and with the added bonus of 24x7x365 support and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, we ensure that the process  from server setup to operation is always a smooth and easy one.

We fully own and operate our data centre and all of our dedicated server hardware – which includes our advanced networking capabilities, power supplies and security systems – from our ISO27001-certified data centre in Manchester, where access control, continuous monitoring and network protection is of paramount importance. As we have total control over every piece of equipment, we provide all of our clients with an incredibly efficient service that they can always rely on, regardless of the time, day or level of complexity in the rare event that issues ever arise. This puts their minds at ease, safe in the knowledge that their servers will always be running, and therefore, so will their businesses.

Optimised for your websites and applications, our managed dedicated servers are more than just tools that aid business functionality. Through patch testing, software updates and upgrades, backup configurations and troubleshooting scripts, among other necessary features, we keep your servers running with space to expand, making them the ideal solution for any and all long term business needs.

With Datacentreplus, you’re guaranteed a level of service like no other, placing your current and potential needs at the core of our solutions. To find out more about what we can do for you and your business, we encourage you to get in touch with us today

If you opt for a managed hosting version of one of our dedicated servers, then the following additional services are included as standard:

Managed Hosting vs In-House Management


With the threat of server hacks, data breaches and cyber attacks more prevalent than ever, how you protect your key business systems, websites and applications is an indication of how long your business will survive both on and offline. A managed server offers a higher level of security than in-house managed server ever can, making your business less vulnerable to threats that come your way. By protecting against malware, viruses and other types of cybercrime, your core functions can continue to run, unharmed and in the unlikely event that one gets through, regular backups ensure that you never lose anything important and that key files can be restored.


Your building may have CCTV cameras. It may have security guards. But does it have complete fire protection, environmental monitoring and gated access control? Does it have fully redundant connectivity in case of human error or deliberate harm? What systems or processes do you have in place to ensure that only authorised specialists can access that all-important equipment? Our data centre is located in a gated, access-controlled site, with anti-climb fencing, 24 hour manned security and overnight guard dogs to stop perpetrators from getting in. Our data hall can only be accessed by authorised personnel using electronic security fobs, whose expertise and technical competencies ensure that our servers run at maximum efficiency.

Our data centre is also equipped with multiple smoke and heat sensors to detect early signs of any fire risks, and is linked to our alarm system that is monitored 24×7 through both internal and external systems. To aid this, we have three powerful Airedale coolers that keep the data hall at a stable temperature throughout the year and have systems in place to detect humidity, moisture and water ingress.


As your business grows, you’ll most certainly require a greater network, bandwidth, traffic allowance and extra server storage based upon demand, which can be time-consuming to organise and set up and costly to enact. A managed dedicated server removes these obstacles, allowing you to easily scale up without having to move over to a larger server or a service provider that can better cater to your new needs. Because our servers are also customisable, they ensure that any type of application or website can be easily processed, keeping your operations intact as you expand.


We can’t deny that in-house management can be a cheaper option, but that in no way indicates its cost-effectiveness. Consider all the benefits that a managed server encompasses: a team of specialists who are always on hand to help with any queries and unexpected issues; continuous evaluation of your requirements to ensure you get the best level of service; a secure data hall that keeps your hardware, and in turn, your websites and applications, protected. It may cost a little more, but as our customers attest to, it’s worth it.

Managed Server vs Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Unlike with shared hosting, dedicated hosting is where your website is the only one hosted on the server, meaning server performance and response time is considerably better, because you aren’t constrained by the demands of other websites. Dedicated hosting also allows you to choose which programs, applications and software that you install, as well as the security measures that you want to run, making it a server unique to your requirements. Sharing a lot of the advantages of managed servers, there are two key differences:

Cost – Generally, dedicated servers are the cheaper option, but managed servers provide extra features and services that make it a worthwhile investment.

Greater Freedom – With a managed server, you save time because the host takes care of the administration side of running and maintaining the server, allowing you to focus on other business functions.

Thinking that dedicated hosting might be the right choice for your business? From our INTRO, MAX, POWER, ENTERPRISE and ENTERPRISE PLUS, we have a range of options sure to suit your needs. All of our options include premium Dell and Intel servers, a minimum 10TB included traffic, a lifetime hardware replacement guarantee and a 1GB network port, among other great features.

Why not give us a call today to discuss our range of dedicated and managed dedicated servers, to help make your decision clearer, ensuring you choose the right configuration for your business.