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Superior cloud hosting solutions for all your needs. Our cloud hosting solution provides a flexible, secure and resilient cloud platform for your business.

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High Performance Cloud Solutions

Designed specifically for growing customers and agencies, our new cloud hosting service is now available.

All our packages come with transparent all-inclusive pricing, is based in resilient infrastructure and our support team is available 24×7.

Datacentreplus provides a virtual server solution that is fully scalable and flexible, ensuring that your customisation potential is pretty much limitless, so you get the freedom to install and configure any software you like.  This gives you complete control over your virtual server, right down to the fine details.

Whether you are running a single-site design startup or managing a multi-formed eCommerce enterprise, we can design a virtual server solution for you.

The benefits of Cloud Hosting


Our cloud platform is designed to host projects of any scale and size can scale easily with your business. Add more resources (such as storage and memory) as and when you require it

Blazing fast Performance

Whether you are hosting a simple website or running complex database applications, all of our Cloud Servers are powered by enterprise-standard solid state drives (SSDs), which means your applications benefit from blazing fast performance.

99.999% Uptime Guaranteed

We know how important your cloud applications are so our service is designed to be super-resilient and secure through extensive pro-active monitoring by us

Built-in Security

All our e-commerce servers meet the requirements Mandated by the PCI DSS.


Not quite ready for one of our more powerful dedicated servers? Or just want to prototype a cloud-based app without committing to a more expensive service? No problem, our cloud hosting packages start at very affordable prices. Add more resources as you grow or move to a dedicated server when the time is right.


Full root level access

We provide full root-level access to your virtual private server, giving you complete control.


Choice of OS & Control Panels

Available OSs include CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Microsoft Windows, along with a variety of control panels such as Plesk & WHM/cPanel.

Dev Environments

Spin up a development environment for your website or application; we’ll handle the provisioning; letting you get more done.

Do I need Cloud Hosting?

You should consider Cloud Hosting hosting if:

  • Your business is struggling with the constraints of shared hosting.
  • The idea of having full control over your server appeals to you, as does having root access and customer configurations.
  • You want better privacy and performance.
  • If you plan on hosting several websites in the near future then cloud hosting is for you. You might have enough bandwidth for one site but once you start expanding then it might be time to hit the cloud button. 
  • You’re expecting a substantial increase in website traffic within the next few weeks or months. For example, if you’re launching a new product or marketing campaign and you’re expecting to see people heading to your website

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Extended benefits of Cloud Hosting


When it comes to creating a website it’s all about making sure it’s reliable, after all. If it’s not reliable then users and potential customers can’t access your products and/or services. Using a cloud server can help improve the uptime and general performance of your website. It can also help solve other smaller, but no less important issues like RAM and server load.

Cost Saving

With some companies, dedicated web hosting can be expensive because you are paying for your own platform that takes time and money to set up. Cloud Hosting is a lot less expensive because you’re entering something that is already there. In short, opting for Cloud Hosting is a very good investment for your business.

Good Security

The security of your website is vital and above all, the thing you should care about the most. It’s something that can make or break your website or business. One of the great benefits of Cloud Hosting is that it ensures your website has a high level of security. Your data remains confidential among your private environment. Our hardware platform is located in our own ISO27001-certified data centre located in Manchester, so you know with us, your key assets will always be secure.

High Level of Control

You can enjoy a fantastic level of control when you choose cloud hosting, as you’ll be able to root access and you’ll be able to use scripts if you want to. 

Data Backup

Anything can occur on the internet which is why you want to make sure that your data is secure and backed up regularly. Another great advantage is that you can access your server from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection of course). Meaning you can adapt and change parts of your website based on changing trends and new insights. 


Our cloud hosting can be used for any and all projects no matter the size or scale. We are also able, at Datacentreplus, to add increasing amounts of resources as and when your business needs it. Meaning you don’t have to worry about starting with a big investment, you can work up to it. .

Customise the server

We know that most businesses want to be able to shape their hosting to their exact needs which is why we let our clients scale as needed and also make sure we can accommodate extra storage space and resources. Add more resources as you grow or move to a dedicated server when the time is right.

Customer Service

When problems with servers occur it can be very stressful. Thankfully, when you work with Datacentreplus, we have our dedicated team who will help you resolve any issues and offer recommendations that will help meet the needs of your business.

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