Why it pays to be cloudy in the North

The North West data centre scene is swelling year-on-year. It is now the biggest outside of the South East and with the development of the Northern Powerhouse sitting on the horizon, that growth is set to continue.

For a number of years, the services provided via third party data centres have traditionally focused on larger businesses with their bigger budgets. As such, the marketplace has tended to reflect this.

Much like other sectors and other services, the larger a brand becomes, the bigger the customer it craves – and unsurprisingly, many a business model evolves to reflect this. The data centre scene is no different.

However, as more and more businesses – of all shapes and sizes – have begun to realise the benefits of off-premise support for their data and hosting needs, a gap has begun to emerge in this market.

Changes in the North West data centre scene

All hail the rise of the SME and it’s digitally savvy steps into the evolving world of technology.

Indeed, as more and more small to medium-sized customers begin their journey into the cloud, with greater trust and a drive to reduce capital expenditure while unleashing greater agility, the dynamic between the SME and the data centre has begun to change.

While data centres may be viewed as complex beasts, remembering the fundamental aspects of great customer service, and coupling with the great Northern tradition of warmth and friendliness, are great blocks to build from.

While drawing up plans from a blank piece of paper, the Datacentreplus team knew it had a great opportunity for success if it could provide hand-holding, commercial flexibility and attractive prices. Enabling growth, elasticity and allowing access to products that once befit only the biggest wallets, are compelling for the North’s ambitious growth businesses.

While many big names in technology continue to orbit the M62 belt, many colocation and dedicated server customers, are beginning to look away from those big brands. With tech start-ups and incubator projects springing up over the region, the role of Manchester as a micro-Silicon Valley is being cemented, and its growing SMB base is keen to be part of the action.

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