How can data centres be more efficient?

how can datacentres be more efficient

Data Centres are important because they contain an organisation’s most critical data and assets. These servers take up a lot of energy as we rely on them to execute specific tasks for a business and to manage their large volumes of data 24/7. Because they consume a lot of power to keep businesses running, the servers emit huge amounts of heat and need coolers to keep them from overheating and running reliably.

A data centre is a facility that allows you access to run applications, and process data, and networks. They’re important to the upkeep of a business, but the power demands are immense. Large data centres actually use more power than thousands of homes across the country which is a contentious issue with the sector’s rapid growth and recent strain on the energy supply. It is the case that in parts of London, energy requirements and continuous growth are reportedly stopping developers from building new houses. The issue is that there’s simply not enough electricity to go around.

Data centres are enacting a huge toll on the planet, using more than 1% of the world’s electricity. They also have a huge carbon footprint emitting more CO2 than an average airline company. There is still a huge demand for data centres and exponential growth like this generates a need for efficient solutions.

It would dramatically reduce their energy requirements if the data centres managed the needs for CPU, storage and cooling systems. Small changes could result in significant energy savings. Things like adjusting storage hardware, cloud infrastructure and fan speeds.

  • Recent research has found that power consumption can be decreased by 20% through CPU fan speed reduction.
  • Using bigger, slower drives can help reduce power consumption and prolongs the hard drive’s lifespan.
  • Organisations should also consider replacing hard disks with SSDs as they consume far less power than hard drives.
  • Cooling is a major requirement that consumes a lot of power. The best solution for this is to use natural cooling such as water or location.

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