Where to reclaim lost time at work

Some days don’t seem long enough when times are busy and it is very easy to waste valuable minutes without even realising. The infographic below shows you how time is wasted and where to reclaim lost time at work.


Infographic created by Scoro

This infographic will help you personally save time throughout the day. But, how would you like your workforce as a collective to save time during a typical work day?

The use of dedicated servers and cloud computing can enable your business to work in more efficient and collaborative manner. Available 24/7 your staff can work from anywhere with an internet connection at any time. Along with increased productivity, you can also benefit from increased agility. The agility and flexibility of the of the cloud will save you time in management, as well as reduce the load for IT staff.

All time spent in business could be wasted if the business doesn’t have an appropriate backup solution. Data backups can act as a time machine to better days if a business faces a disaster.

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