What would you do to not give up the internet?

AT&T have conducted a series of polls that give some insight to Americans and whether they could give up the internet.

The results are quite surprising.

Let’s play a bit of would you rather?

A statistic that may dishearten a lot of us is that 12.8% of your friends would rather attend your
funeral than give up the internet for life.

Almost a third of respondents would rather lose a finger than give up the internet forever.

There is some hope, Most people would rather loose a pet over a significant other or partner than
give up the internet. 29.7% would give up a pet whereas on average 91.8% would keep their closest
loved one/ significant other. Unfortunately, for the other 8.2%, I think it’s a night in the dog house.

Finally, We should all be a lot nicer to women in their 50’s as these women are more likely to
save your life.

Infographics created by AT&T sourced from Daily Mail

These statistics just go to show the grasp the internet has on us and the grip only seems to be getting stronger. For many being online is more than just luxury, there are thousands of businesses in the UK alone that are reliant on being always online and always available. With technology constantly progressing and the integration of the internet of everything it is becoming more and more essential to be online.

If you want to stay online 24/7 365 and would rather pay than give up a finger or loved on, then we have an array of services at very competitive prices. Choose from dedicated servers, colocation and virtual private servers. We have a network SLA of 99.99% and focus on fantastic customer support so you don’t have to worry about a life without internet.

It would be interesting to see how many would give a limb to revive a backup of their business? Dont wait until its too late make sure you have an appropriate backup solution.

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