What hosting package should you choose?

Choosing a hosting package can be a hard choice even if you know the differences. This infographic outlines the differences between the hosting options available in an easy to understand way.


So which hosting package should you choose?

Public clouds provide flexible and cheap hosting but it does so with the risk of security and latency at peak times. Datacentreplus doesn’t provide public clouds as we want to provide our customers with what they need and we don’t want our customers fighting over the same resources. We offer private cloud servers for customers that still want the cost effectiveness of cloud servers but want to retain the security and reliability of private hosting. We are currently running a 7 day free trial on our Cloud-1 server if you wish to test our service.

Dedicated servers give the power that public clouds can’t really contend with. If you want full control and access to resources, then a dedicated server might be the option for you.

We will be publishing a post about implementing a hybrid cloud in the near future so stay tuned.

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