Microsoft Windows Vista is officially dead.

Not that it had much love in the first place, nor that you’ll find many people still using Windows Vista, but as Microsoft released the Windows 10 creators update on Tuesday, they have also officially ended support for Windows Vista.

The operating system was first released back in 2007. And for the past 10 years, it has been widely regarded as an inferior successor the much loved Windows XP.

It could be argued that Microsoft has struggled to come up with a worthy successor of Windows XP as Windows 8 and 10 received mixed reviews. Vista was somewhat a resource hog, and ran slower than XP, and with the planned updates arriving much later than it should, it made Microsoft admit that Vista was a ‘work in progress’

The decision to stop supporting Windows Vista was going to be an inevitable one, like with the majority of software out there anyway, regardless of success.

This doesn’t mean that Vista would just stop working on your computer overnight. But as time goes by, you do run across security and stability risks that comes with using outdated software.

In fact, Microsoft has completely dropped support. Not even an extended paid support is an option here like it was with XP. Vista users will now become somewhat an attractive ‘sandbox’ for hackers looking to exploit the gaps that will never be filled up again. Officially by Microsoft anyway.

If you are using a Vista machine, I think it’s time you looked at purchasing a Windows 10 machine…

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