Google Earth has relaunched… now in HD!

Remember Google Earth?

Well, it’s back and it’s prettier than ever.


In all fairness it never really left, but today Google has launched a revamped, browser friendly version of Google Earth that aims to help people ‘gain a new perspective’ of our world in all it’s HD glory. Naturally, there is also a mobile counterpart too, but this is only available on devices that support Google Play at the moment – basically its Android only for now. Don’t worry, there will be an IOS version coming.



At a first glance, it seems like Google Earth has just gone through a simple facelift of it’s UI. But once you start playing around with it, you can immediately see added commentary on the locations you browse through. This is pretty much the sort of information you’ll find in Google Search with it’s info cards pulled from various sources such as Wikipedia.

The new incarnation of Google Earth looks to bring more interactive elements into the mix with a new feature called Voyage. A series of interactive experiences of our rock that we call Earth. Supported by experts, documentarians and scientists, it guides us through a media-rich story telling experience designed to explore our world in more depth. This reminds us of when Encarta Multimedia Encyclopedia was around…


You can see Google has done more than just update the look and feel of Google Earth, as it has partnered up with BBC Earth to provide ‘stories’ of different habitats around the world via a combination video and articles.

From an initial play around, it does seem that Google Earth is still bit of a resource hog as we used to remember it for. Even for a browser based version.
You can check out the new Google Earth here


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