Key tech trends for 2019

Technology continues to shape our daily lives, not just how we work, play and consume information, but how we interact with others, learn and grow.

At the beginning of every year, our customers often ask us about our technology trend predictions for the upcoming year and this year we decided to put this question to Syed, Operations Manager at Datacentreplus.

Here are some of the areas that Syed thinks will see big developments:

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that aims to simulate intelligent decision-making in the way that a human might approach it; machine learning is refers to a particular way of ‘teaching’ software to learn.  This has now become an essential part of the technology industry. Smartphones, media streaming, online ads network, navigation, travel, voice interaction and smart cars are just some examples of how we are interacting with AI on a regular basis. AI has seen a shift in accessibility over the last several years, with more businesses expected to implement AI into their operations in 2019. In fact, Datacentreplus is investing in developing AI-powered systems that can predictively alert us to component or system failure before the actual failure itself.

Syed says:  “Being able to leverage AI in our operations in the very near future is a very exciting development as it will help to reduce downtime for our customers.”

Augmented Reality 

Since its inception, augmented reality technology has been seen as an ideal platform to deliver new brand experiences to customers.  As brands look to engage and have deeper conversations with customers, the use of AR by businesses is set to rise. Brands have the ability to connect customer with their brand, combining packaging, print advertising and promotions, ecommerce, and now augmented reality and artificial intelligence for a combined physical and digital experience. In recent years, AR has been implemented in a variety of sectors but gaming and healthcare will be two areas in particular to watch.


In reference to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, you may have come across the term ‘blockchain technology’. Blockchain is a type of technology that utilises a decentralised database system (often referred to as a ledger). A global network of computers uses blockchain technology to jointly manage the database that records Bitcoin transactions, for example.

Although Bitcoin itself has had a year of highs and lows and is also sometimes associated with the dark web, we do see more and more acceptance of other forms of digital currency that are based on blockchain technology and even governments are now looking at this so expect this to become mainstream in the near future.


Faster phones, easier access to on-demand video and increased data transfer speeds – sounds like a dream, right? One of the really big developments for 2019 is the emergence of 5G networks and devices, succeeding that of the current 4G, 3G and 2G systems (yes, these still exist!).

So what are the advantages of 5G?

  • Improved precision
  • Faster speed
  • Reduced latency
  • Energy saving
  • Cost reduction
  • Higher system capacity
  • Increased transmission of images & videos
  • Increased device connectivity

Similarly to previous generations, it is likely that 5G will be rolled out to major cities first and will take some time before there is full national and global coverage. That said, could 2019 be the year for 5G to arrive in the UK?

Autonomous Driving

Self driving cars have been talked about a lot in recent years and the topic of the autonomous driving is not one that is likely to die down any time soon. It has been said that autonomous vehicles are the next technology that’s always only a few years away, yet others have argued that self-driving cars are also still many years from becoming a reality.

2018 saw an increase in the number of companies accelerating their testing of autonomous vehicles, with 2019 set to showcase the latest in self-driving car technology. Google, Uber and, it is rumoured, Apple are all testing various self-driving cars – particularly for use in inner cities and car sharing schemes.  Also, more and more traditional car manufacturers are incorporating some degree of assisted driving systems in to their cars, with Tesla probably being the most well-known in that regard.

As you can see, the advancements in technology are far and varied. We will be keeping you up to date in 2019 with the latest tech trends, so stay tuned!

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