Apprentices at Datacentreplus

We thought we would share an exciting new initiative at Datacentreplus…the launch of our Apprenticeship scheme.

Our aim is to provide opportunities to young people who may not otherwise be able to obtain positions in a technology company through lack of traditional qualifications.  They are also a great way for employers to tap into future talent, they benefit individuals and the wider community and we are delighted to have set up a number of these positions at our headquarters in Manchester.

We caught up with Josh, the newest member of the Datacentreplus team, who shares his story of being an apprentice so far!

What made you choose an apprenticeship and what is your current role?

Over the past few years I have really embraced the power and utilisation of social media. I have a particular interest in digital marketing, especially that of social media which I use in my spare time, mainly to promote my band. Enjoying the nature of digital marketing so much, I wanted to further develop my skills in this area and venture into a career where I could excel at this. One thing that did appeal to me about my apprenticeship was learning on the job!, quick learning and immediate productivity.

My current role includes a variety of aspects such as: the utilisation of a CRM system, customer service duties and content creation.

What does your typical day look like?

I usually get into work around 9am for a 9:15am start (I prefer to get in a bit earlier to have a brew and some breakfast, usually a croissant or two!). I start the day by checking through my emails and monitor customer service updates on our CRM system, tracking my colleagues’ progress. I often check in with my manager, Rachel, to see if there is anything she needs help with.

Every day is different to the next and that is what I love about my apprenticeship, from content creation to designing social media posts to drafting blog articles, no day is the same. Once I finish my lunch around 2pm, I make sure I dedicate some time for my ‘off the job’ apprenticeship activities, which really enhance my learning and development. I make sure I update the journal section of my apprenticeship to track my daily and weekly progress.

What is the culture of your workplace like?

The office has a great friendly and fun atmosphere, everyone is really welcoming and the team always has a good laugh. We also have an Atari machine which is great for a little healthy competition (my favourite game is Extreme Downhill) as well as an Alexa, (I often play Radio X) and a television.

What do you like the best about your role?  

I like the diversity of the work that I do, it ensures that no day is like any other, some days are challenging, especially when it comes to planning new content and implementing marketing campaigns.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I (fingers crossed) will have completed my apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, gained my qualifications and will be working full time in a Digital Marketing position at Datacentreplus.

What advice would you give to someone starting out on an apprenticeship?

My advice for anyone looking to start out on an apprenticeship would be to make sure that you do as much research as you can and check the job roles to see if they appeal to you. It might take you a while to find a company that is suitable for you but if you are unsuccessful, keep trying and you will get there!  🙂


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