Why It’s Important To Keep A Data Centre At The Right Temperature

why its important to keep a data centre at the right temperature.

With winter on its way, keeping our data centre at the correct temperature is crucial to maintaining and ensuring that the infrastructure and servers inside are running at the optimal level.

In this blog, we will cover why this is so important and how our engineers at Datacentreplus manage this.

Why is temperature so important?

The day-to-day operations of a data centre can produce large amounts of heat. This is due to the running of large amounts of computer hardware on the servers. 

Unlike your personal computer, servers are running 24/7. There are usually many servers running at once, which can result in massive heat output. Even though the servers have inbuilt cooling fans this usually isn’t enough and they require external cooling.

Without the proper cooling, servers run the risk of overheating. If a server overheats this can cause a number of issues from, the server shutting down to the hardware getting damaged meaning parts need to be repaired or replaced. 

In some extreme cases, overheated equipment can actually pose a fire hazard. So from a health and safety position, it is important to keep this equipment at the right temperature. environment.

With the proper cooling in place, a data centre can run smoothly and reduce the chance of issues. This means that customers using the data centre shouldn’t experience any delays when accessing their servers.

How we keep our data centre cool

At Datacentreplus we pride ourselves on providing 99.999% uptime. A large part of this is ensuring that our data centre is kept at the optimum temperature. This reduces the chances of any server outages. 

To do this we have 3 powerful Airedale coolers to keep the data hall at a consistent temperature all year round. This helps to provide resiliency in the event of a unit failing. 

We also have extensive environmental monitoring in place to detect excessive humidity, moisture or water ingress at key building points.

Our data centre power is supplied by an on-site substation and routed through automatic generator/UPS transfer panels to ensure continuity. 

In the event of a mains power failure, customers are protected through our N+1 Riello high-capacity UPS (Uninterruptible Power) system. In the event of a power outage, we have an on-site three-phase diesel generator that can be run for an indefinite period of time. This ensures that even during a power outage your servers will still be powered and kept at the right temperature.

The data centre is also equipped with multiple smoke and heat sensors to provide early warning of any fire risks. The fire detection system is linked to our alarm system and is monitored 24 x7 through our own systems and via external monitoring.


To conclude if a data centre doesn’t have the correct cooling systems in place it runs the risk of causing damage or outages to the servers housed in it. In turn, this increases the risk of your business missing opportunities.

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