Energy Crisis

energy crisis

With the United Kingdom announcing an 80-per cent mega hike in gas & electricity bills, to go alongside the dramatic worsening of the cost-of-living crisis all before winter the country is set to see a huge tightening of its financial belt.

So how does this impact the wider country and industries? From our perspective and with the hosting industry being massively dependent on energy. The impact on so many companies and organisations like yours would simply mean the costs would become increasingly excessive.

The current energy crisis has affected every industry with increasing energy costs. This cost increase has in particular created issues for many tech companies as in order to provide their services they’ll need to consume a large amount of energy.

Since the pandemic, the digital landscape has grown exponentially with businesses of all shapes and sizes digitalising. With many brick-and-mortar stores becoming obsolete numerous businesses started taking their stores online. This has led to massive growth in e-commerce. 

“According to the most recent 2020 ARTS release, e-commerce sales increased by $244.2 billion or 43% in 2020, the first year of the pandemic, rising from $571.2 billion in 2019 to $815.4 billion in 2020.” (Source)

This shift has led many businesses to become dependent on tech companies to provide their services in order for their businesses to run. But this does come at a cost. This cost has to be passed down or absorbed. 


Graph showing the change of industries working from home instead of in the workplace.

Source: Office for National Statistics – Business Insights and Conditions Survey


As a result of this, customers of these businesses are more than likely to experience price increases. This obviously is frustrating as this has come at a time when they are adapting or struggling to pay their bills.


Graph showing the number of business closures in 2022.

Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS) – Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR)

Our Approach

At Datacentreplus any price increases we may issue are always the last resort. We want to provide you with the highest quality service possible whilst keeping our prices consistent.

We do constant price evaluations, reviewing service and cost for our customers. Datacentreplus are still very proud to be leading the way in low-cost and high-service. We are more than happy to show a comparison to actual competitors like for like offerings and not their untrue online prices.

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