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Where to reclaim lost time at work

Some days don’t seem long enough when times are busy and it is very easy to waste valuable minutes without even realising. The infographic below shows you how time is wasted and where to reclaim lost time at work.   Infographic created by Scoro This infographic will help you personally save time throughout the day. But, how would
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What would you do to not give up the internet?

AT&T have conducted a series of polls that give some insight to Americans and whether they could give up the internet. The results are quite surprising. Let’s play a bit of would you rather? A statistic that may dishearten a lot of us is that 12.8% of your friends would rather attend your funeral than
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Mirai Botnet the thorn to the IoT rose bush

Every week we have a news story reminding us of the consequences of not implementing good security policies or at least not enforcing them. On Friday sites like Spotify, Netflix, GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, AirBnB were part of a large list of website that was hit by the attack leaving them inaccessible. A Chinese firm has
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Our Four Fortifying Tips For SMB’s

You hear a lot about big enterprise companies being hacked a lot. SMB’s are an attractive victim and the main reason is security. Cyber criminals know that an SMB is going to hold valuable customer data and they know the levels of security are likely to weaker than big enterprise companies. With a new business
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7 Tips to take your business to the cloud

Smooth Data Transfer No one is a fan of a slow connection, so an important factor of choosing a cloud hosting provider is establishing you have smooth data transfer. First step of establishing this is checking your own internet speed. If you are unsure how, read how to test your internet connection speed. You should
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