Why Manchester is a prime location for tech startups

Manchester has rapidly become a major player in the digital and technology industry and has quickly become the alternative business hub to London for many digital businesses looking to setup here. 

Datacentreplus Account Manager, Stephen Hobson, shares his view on why tech startups are choosing Manchester as a prime location for national and international business growth.

Why Manchester?

The growth and development of the infrastructure in Manchester is one that attracted many to the region. If you compared the skyline from a couple of years ago to the one today, you can visually see the progress and growth that Manchester has undergone and the development that is still taking place today.

There is no doubting the vibrancy and importance of the digital economy in Manchester now, particularly with the maturing of MediaCityUK and Manchester’s well-educated workforce. Whilst it is clear that investment is being poured into the city, it is vital that it continues to do so to keep the digital economy afloat.

Tech startups are highly dependent on being able to attract and recruit people with relevant IT qualifications and skills and the fact that Greater Manchester has four universities makes this task easier than in most other cities outside of the South East.

Manchester is also attracting a wealth of young talent who are searching for a better deal when it comes to work-life balance and cost of living without sacrificing the lifestyle and opportunities the capital city has to offer.

Manchester has also benefited from several science parks and has constantly evolved its core connectivity across the city, which provides businesses superfast connectivity allowing them the online presence they need.

There are some great organisations such as Manchester Digital, Prolific North and Mancheshare (to name but a few) who play a significant role in keeping this community together.

For Manchester to continually grow and establish itself as a global player, it is more important than ever that supporting industries exist to facilitate the growing demands these companies place on the infrastructure.


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