Why northern data centres appreciate the cold.

From 100 GB a day in 1992 to 28,000 GB per second in 2013. The internet has rapidly grown and managed to find a way into almost every aspect of our lives. However, all this information needs somewhere to live and grow. The data centre industry has opted to take the load for this inconceivable amount of data. With a lot of data, comes a lot of energy consumption.

In 2013, the USA used 91 billion kilowatt hours of energy to run these data centres, equivalent to the energy output of 34 large coal-fired power plants.

A large proportion of the energy consumed comes from keeping the servers cool and stopping them from overheating. This can be from the servers fan working hard or by data centres pumping more air through their air conditioning. One logical option is to move the server or even the data centre to a cooler climate. For most of the population moving to a cooler climate means going north with many big data centres are opening in places like Iceland and Norway. We at Datacentreplus are used to the cold being based in Manchester so it made perfect sense to build our DC here, it also has great benefits for you. A cooler climate saves you money as our costs are lower. You will receive our friendly northern service. Plus we don’t need snow shoes to get into the DC every day.

There is now an actual benefit for it being cold 90% of the time in Manchester.

Content Inspired from Business Insider

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