What is Big Data?

The phrase ‘big data’ is a commonly used term used to describe data that is challenging to process, with traditional methods of handling this data being shown to be near impossible due to the volume of data.

‘Big data’ can be classified into six areas, also known as the 6 Vs. 


The day-to-day running of a business can create high volumes of data – for example, social media streams and general business transactions.


With technology and the internet growing at unprecedented rates, the speed at which data is being sent and received is increasing daily. This has also meant the reaction time for this data is more pressured than ever.


Data has changed in many ways since its formation and comes in many different forms. The variety in structure is the major area where problems can arise with a portion of it being semi-structured or completely unstructured.


The flow of data can be sporadic and unpredictable now with many organisations focusing on their social media presence and utilizing “trending” content.


Data can come from many different sources which can affect the quality and this can make processing the data extremely difficult and in most cases leads to further problems.


For most companies, this is the most important factor of ‘big data’ as it dictates what they can get out of it and how useful this data will be.

How useful is ‘Big data’

The usefulness of ‘big data’ depends on how well you’re able to process the data and how capable your systems are in being able to handle it.

Big data requires a lot of storage due to the sheer amount of it and many organisations opt to use cloud based storage/hosting solutions to support this.

It’s a good idea to have a framework in place (such as Apache Hadoop, for example) to handle all of your data and to format the information into a more digestible form.

With all these systems in place, the benefit to your company can be exponential.

The information that can be extracted from ‘big data’ has been shown to help to improve customer satisfaction, marketing campaigns and streamline overall business operations through obtaining intelligence about customer behaviour.

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