Why Migrate To The Cloud?

What is “The Cloud”? Cloud computing, often referred to as “the cloud” is probably something you’ve heard of more times than you can count but if you’re not sure what it actually is, read on. Simply put, cloud computing is where data and information is stored remotely or separate from the actual device being used…


Free 7 Day Cloud Server Trial

For a limited time, we are allowing customers to test and trial our Cloud-1 server package. The trial requires only a bit of basic information, no commitment and no credit card details. Trial customers still get full support and can keep their server if they decide to upgrade after the trial has finished.

Our Cloud-1 server comes with 1 vCPU, 1GB RAM and 50GB SSHD. You can test this server for 7 days and if you like can upgrade at any time, we may also extend the trial if needed, if you contact us.

Our cloud servers are super cost effective and our free trial can allow you to see how the cloud will fit with your business.

Start your free 7 day cloud server trial.