Stephen Hobson Explains His Role In Forever Manchester

Stephen Hobson, Account Manager for Datacentreplus shares his story on why he decided to become an Ambassador for Forever Manchester.

Stephen not only shares Forever Manchester’s passion, but their commitment to their work, building their profile and increasing their reach. Stephen is also very proud of Manchester itself, its people and its community spirit, emphasising Manchester’s strong participation in the ‘One Love’ attitude.

Becoming an Ambassador for Forever Manchester was an easy choice for Stephen. Having spent his entire life in Manchester, given a great life and so many opportunities by the city he has always lived in, opportunities which he may never have got anywhere else in the world.

Forever Manchester has personally helped Stephen in his younger years and it provides opportunities for people who are less fortunate than their peers, especially in testing times where resources are limited.

Stephen, commenting on the needs of others, said:

“Take care of those in need as you never know when you will need someone”.

Stephen’s Ambassador position has played a key role in the partnership between Forever Manchester and Datacentreplus, who are now a proud sponsor of Forever Manchester.

Stephen has enhanced Datacentreplus’ relationship with the wider community, resulting in Datacentreplus being more involved with Forever Manchester. Stephen will continue to raise funds for Forever Manchester, support future Forever Manchester events and encourage others to get involved with charities.

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