Rip off Britain? UK data centres are most expensive in Europe.

The UK is the largest data centre market in Europe, offering more capacity and power than anywhere else, according to TCL (Tariff Consultancy Ltd). Unfortunately, the data centres are the most expensive here.
The TCL report was based on the analysis of 300 data centres facilities from 150 providers. London/ M25 region makes up for 46% of the market and the average cost per month for rack space in Europe is £660. London is the highest with an average of £1124 and other parts of Europe being lowest at around £360. The TCL also forecast that prices will rise around 3% between now and 2020. However, an increase in regional data centres will hopefully bring high prices down.

Datacentreplus is starting to attack the problem of high prices, offering packages for half the price of London data centres. Also competing and beating other regional data centres pricing whilst offering quality customer service. How is this possible? Well, Datacentreplus is privately owned and investor free, this means no pressure for quick returns. This freedom allows it to make money through the data centre as a whole rather than putting a huge margin on your individual server or rack. Datacentreplus isn’t about quick returns so on top of a great price on offer is a great personal touch support service. We appreciate our customers and because of our dedication towards them, we haven’t lowered prices by cutting corners on our services, resilience and support. We just believe in ethical pricing.

To be fair the UK does have to pay more for electricity than other parts of Europe, but this isn’t an excuse to use smoke and mirrors to inflate pricing and make customers pay more than they need to. If Datacentreplus can do it then others can but choose not to.

Rip off Britain? We’ll let you decide, but there are still some good people and businesses, like Datacentreplus that are willing to offer good service at a reasonable price.

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