Preparing for CentOS Linux 7 End of Life in 2024: what it means for you

What is CentOS Linux

CentOS Linux is a free and open-source operating system derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). In essence, it’s a community-supported version of RHEL without the branding and commercial support, but functionally almost identical. CentOS stands for “Community Enterprise Operating System”. It’s commonly used as a reliable platform for servers, offering a stable environment that’s well-suited for many different types of web-based applications and services.

What is End of Life (EOL)

End of Life (EOL), refers to the date after which a product will no longer receive official support, updates, or patches from its creators or vendors. 

This means that any vulnerabilities discovered after this date will not be addressed or fixed. Continuing to use products past their EOL can pose security risks, as they become more susceptible to potential exploits. 

Additionally, users might not benefit from new features or improvements made in later versions. EOL is an indication for users to consider transitioning to a newer product or version to ensure they operate in a secure and optimal environment.

CentOS Linux 7 is End of Life on June 30th 2024, what does this mean for its users?

If you or your business use this operating system we recommend migrating to a different operating system before June 30th 2024. If you are still using this system after this date you will no longer be supported and won’t receive any new security updates or patches. This will leave your systems and any data stored vulnerable to cyber attacks.

How we can help

At Datacentreplus we always recommend to our customers who are using CentOS Linux 7 to migrate to an alternative OS such as AlmaLinux

For businesses looking to migrate their operating systems, the thought of the process can often feel overwhelming and daunting.

At Datacentreplus, we specialise in simplifying complex migrations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. 

If the idea of OS migration feels burdensome, reach out to us.

You can call us on 0161 464 6101 or email

You can also head to our website to find out more!

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