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Is your business post-covid ready?

With things beginning to revert to normal it is important to ensure your business is ready for returning to a more normal way of working and we thought it would be a good idea to list some of the areas you may want to consider. Of course, these do not apply to some types of
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Is The Future of Office Spaces Virtual?

With the world being told to work from home and embrace the remote work lifestyle, will businesses continue to adopt this virtual mindset or revert to their physical roots? When the work from home order was first introduced many companies were unprepared, but after some organisation and implementing a proper remote working system, some companies
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5 reasons why your business needs good technical support

5 reasons why your business needs good technical support Server hosting is not always easy, problems will come up and if your hosting provider does not offer quality customer and technical support then you’re likely to be left feeling frustrated. Outages, downtime and having little or no control over your IT resources can be a
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