Manchester is Growing

I couldn’t help but notice all the amazing building work going on in Manchester at the moment,

If you compared the skyline of a couple years ago to the one today, you can visually see the progress and growth that Manchester is going through.

St Peter’ Square has gone through a dramatic makeover, tram lines have expanded significantly, large companies have arrived in town, and the sheer number of cranes constructing new tower blocks seems to indicate some significant investment is being poured into the city. And the Northern Powerhouse initiative has received a boost as well.

All of this is no coincidence. Manchester is going through rapid growth and word is out that this is the next place to be.

The Digital and Tech sector has certainly got this memo.

Manchester’s tech sector is worth £2.9bn to the economy and it is now the fourth largest tech cluster in the UK after London, Bristol, Bath and Reading.1 Manchester is attracting a wealth of young talent who are searching for a better deal when it comes to work-life balance and cost of living without sacrificing the lifestyle and opportunities the capital city has to offer.

It seems too, that companies are feeling the same way. Many London-based companies and startups have found a new home in the City of the North and so have many large international companies. Whether they are being enticed by the lower cost of rent, looking to decentralise operations, or looking to tap into a new pool of resources, they have identified the potential that Manchester has to offer.

Talent attracts talent, successful people gravitate towards other successful people, and this remains true for companies, too. People are here for the opportunities and the companies are here because of the people, thus creating those opportunities. It’s a cycle that feeds into itself, and it is perhaps one of the main ingredients behind the success of any great city.

Manchester has always had a strong digital community. Well-known brands such as Rentalcars, and Laterooms have made a name here. Media agency giants such as Mediacom and Carat are here to tap into the rich clientele base, whilst, most visibly, broadcasting giants such as the BBC and ITV have decentralised their London operation making MediaCity their new home.

A community of startups, small agencies and SMEs look to partner up with each other, banding together to fill a growing demand for their services – all available locally in the Greater Manchester area.

There are some great organisations such as Manchester Digital, Prolific North and SpaceportX (to name but a few) play a significant role in keeping this community together.
For Manchester to continually grow and establish itself as a global player, it is more important than ever that supporting industries exist to facilitate the growing demands these companies place on the infrastructure.

Whilst it is clear that investment is being poured into the city, it is vital that it continues to do so to keep the digital economy afloat.


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