Is Your Network Ready For 2017?

How do you want to start 2017? Revitalised, ready for work and super productive? Or how you ended 2016, tired and waiting for a loading wheel?

Businesses should take their time when looking at their equipment’s capabilities to manage growing trends, such as Big Data. Getting a good infrastructure can be a large investment for an SMB.  Most IT projects aim to last at least 5 years, which may be getting harder to achieve with the fast rate of technology advancing.

Projects can get rushed and budgets tightened, when this happens your network will pay the price.

A recent study which is part of a white paper called Getting The Small Business Data Centre just right in association with HPE and Intel, suggests most businesses will start the new year with the loading wheel. It reveals there are a lot of SMBs that don’t have confidence in their network infrastructure to support current and future workloads.

Half of the respondents said they were confident in their network’s current ability to handle workloads, however only 21% could say they were confident in their network’s ability handle workloads in the future.

42% described the equipment in their network as “ageing, but with the odd bit of new technology thrown in to support specific projects”.

Is your network ready?


You should start planning now, if you have not already.

Although getting a new network for the new year can be an exciting prospect, you always need to identify what you want your network to achieve. Do you want it to be super-fast? Super-secure? Super-flexible? A balance between them all? Any is fine, but you need to plan for these benefits; without clear goals and planning your employees will be filling in the same answers 12 months down the line.

If your employees are questioning how they think the network will perform in the future, are they also wondering the same about the business?

Make sure you get your business ready for new business, new opportunities and the new year.  2017 will be another year of technological advances as you don’t want to be left behind.
If you want to ensure maximum productivity and guaranteed network performance without breaking the bank with large investments in infrastructure then request a member of Datacentreplus to contact you. We can provide expert advice to ensure your goals are met.

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