How does a dedicated server hosting platform benefit your business?

Have you ever wondered exactly what we mean by the term dedicated server hosting? With a number of hosting packages, options and support features available from a variety of data centres and hosting providers, questions about dedicated server hosting is something that our customers ask us about more than any other hosting solution we provide. 

Dedicated server hosting is a powerful and popular form of hosting. Ultimately, a dedicated server is a physical server that is purchased or rented entirely for your own business needs. 

There are a variety of benefits of utilising a dedicated server and in many cases, it’s common for businesses to start considering a dedicated server after simply outgrowing their shared hosting options, or the upper tier cost of shared hosting plans may no longer make economical sense.

So what are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

Exclusive use of resources 

One of the main benefits of dedicated server hosting means that it allows for greater control over the server and hosting (as you are the sole user of the hardware). Essentially, your website or other application(s) has its own server all to itself, a big advantage when comparing shared and dedicated hosting. This gives you the flexibility of customising the server to meet your needs for the likes of CPU, RAM and bandwidth, and can upgrade as and when necessary as your business grows. 

Improved reliability and performance 

Reliability is a benefit of exclusivity and a dedicated server provides high performance and reliability (giving you that little bit extra in comparison to shared hosting). This means that unlike other hosting services, performance and reliability is not impacted or limited by others and its server usage is only utilised by an individual or single business. 


A dedicated server can accommodate the growing needs of your business and provides you with the flexibility of customising your server to your business’s individual requirements. Dedicated servers are highly configurable and can be built to specification. For example, they can be configured with either Windows or Linux operating systems. You can find out more about our dedicated server packages here.


Using a dedicated server, you would be in control of your security and reliability. A good dedicated server provider would also have technical staff at the data centre to monitor the equipment and ensure that everything is running smoothly on your behalf.


Every business has a budget, and it’s important to work with a hosting provider that can accommodate that budget, however cost should not be the only consideration when deciding whether to opt for a dedicated hosting platform. Typically, dedicated servers come at a higher cost than shared hosting, as it offers greater power and flexibility.

We hope this short article has given you a better insight into dedicated server hosting and a greater understanding of utilising the significant investments a data centre has made to ensure you get the best performance and reliability from your dedicated server.

If you would like any further information on our dedicated server hosting solutions or any of our other hosting services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call us on 0161 464 6101, we’d be happy to help.

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