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Please tell us a little bit about Mancheshare

Mancheshare is an online platform, designed for Manchester businesses. The company works on the ethos of keeping business local and is part of the ‘GB Shared’ platform.


How long have you been a customer of Datacentreplus?

We have been a customer of datacentreplus for 2 years now and throughout that time, we’ve not had any issues whatsoever.


What do you like about working with Datacentreplus?

We love the fact that we always receive great customer service from Datacentreplus. That’s really important for us, to be able to recommend our partners to our customers, because again we want to keep business local and it’s great that we are able to do so.


What does Datacentreplus do better than other companies you work with?

I think the main thing for us with Datacentreplus is the phenomenal customer service and support that we receive. The amazing response times, as obviously in business it’s critical that your digital infrastructure and website is up and running and that you don’t have any downtime or glitches.

In the last 2 years, since being a customer of Datacentreplus, we’ve never had any issues with any of that. They have a fantastic team, we can always get through to someone straight away and we have a really good experience with them!.


What does the future look like for the Mancheshare platform?

The Mancheshare platform is part of a greater platform which is known as ‘GB shared’. We also have ‘Lancashare’, ‘Cumbriashare’ and the share platforms are going to be expanding in years to come.

Datacentreplus is the host for all of our share platforms and we have complete confidence with them going forward as our business grows. As our share platforms grow, Datacentreplus will be more than adequate to provide the service that we require and all of our technical support. They are just a great company to work with and we would definitely recommend them to anyone that is interested in hosting with them.

Click here to see the full video testimonial on Mancheshare talking about hosting with Datacentreplus.




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