Embryo Digital – Customer Success Story

We are very excited to be working with Embryo Digital, one of Manchester’s leading digital marketing agencies.

Our Communications Manager, Rachel, caught up with James Welch, Director at Embryo Digital, who shares his thoughts on hosting with Manchester-based server hosting provider Datacentreplus.

What does Embryo Digital do?

Embryo Digital are primarily a search-led digital marketing agency based in Manchester that works with businesses of all shapes and sizes and current clients include such diverse business sectors as recruitment, property development, information technology and aesthetics.

How long have you been a customer of Datacentreplus?

We have been a customer of Datacentreplus for just over a year now.

What do you like about working with Datacentreplus?

We love the agency-focused approach that Datacentreplus provide and they are very sensitive to the needs of a digital agency, which makes them a much better solution for us than a general web hosting provider.

They also have a great team!  Whether it’s sales, marketing or technical, most of the team at Embryo Digital know them on a first name basis and they always go beyond our expectations.

What does Datacentreplus do better than other companies you work with?

Datacentreplus provide a unique agency-focused server hosting package which works really well for agencies like ourselves. They also provide us with a very personalised approached, taking the time to understand our needs and requirements which can be catered for accordingly. We really like the fact that it’s easy to speak to them, which has been a challenge with other hosting companies we have used in the past.

What does the future of Embryo Digital look like?

The future is looking very bright for Embryo Digital,  having experienced rapid growth in 2019. We are continuing to grow our footprint in Manchester and are currently expanding into the North East of the country.




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