Aqueous Digital are a long-standing customer of Datacentreplus who specialise in Search Engine Marketing with a focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

As a digital agency, the nature of their business meant that they wanted to work with a provider who could provide an agency-focussed approach and took the time to understand and respond to the sensitive needs of a digital agency.  

It was essential for them to work alongside a partner who understood the importance of reliability and service levels, allowing us to provide a more personalised approach and cater to their technical requirements accordingly. 

Jonathan Guy, Managing Director at Aqueous Digital says:

“The key to a good company is not how they are when things go well, but how they help when things go wrong. The team at Datacentreplus have jumped to our rescue twice in the past six months, once when we had a catastrophic event on our server. We were rebuilt and back up and running in 8 hours and one of the engineers stayed until 10pm on a Friday night to make it happen.

Recently, one of the engineers has helped us with a range of issues and seems to have infinite patience with us, which is greatly appreciated. Nice to know there is a friendly helpful person there if we need one”.

To see Jonathan’s full interview with Datacentreplus please click here.