Data Centres: The Engine of Growth

Did you know? Data centres (often hidden behind fences in boring looking buildings) mostly go unnoticed. Very few people seem to understand or be able to explain what they do or how they operate, yet they are actually a fundamental part of our critical national infrastructure. Today, our digital economy relies heavily on data and connectivity being managed efficiently and securely. So if we want to stay connected then we need data centres.

There would be no Netflix and Uber without data centres!

There is actually a small number of data centres, with only around 220 in the UK and very few are privately owned. Nevertheless, their importance and significance should not be dismissed. 

Businesses (large and small) use data centres for supporting their IT functions in different ways. These may include web hosting, system integration, data backup, virtualisation and colocation. Quite simply, modern life wouldn’t function without them (especially if you are hooked on streaming services) and the services they provide pervade our lives. We rely on data centres more than we think.


What are Data Centres?

A data centre is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It is built specifically to consider all the requirements and back-up plans that servers would require.  As there is an increasing demand for digital data this sector is rapidly growing and creating highly skilled jobs.


Internet of Things – IoT

The internet of things (IoT) refers to the rapidly growing network of connected objects that are able to collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. There are various examples of these in today’s society which include Smart Home (Amazon Echo), Apple Watch and Fitbit  (wearables), Smart Cities (Barcelona) and Tesla (Connected Car).

So with the increase in billions of connected devices expected in the coming years (and all that data needing somewhere to go), can our current data centres cope? In some shape or form this data will end up in or passing through data centres.

Businesses will need to think carefully about how they will manage and where they tend to keep all of this valuable data. The security implications of IoT should also not be overlooked and it is essential that devices are secure by design (and not thought of as an afterthought).

It is clear that as technology develops and the high number of devices connected to the internet continue to increase, data centres are going to become ever more prominent as a fundamental part of our critical national infrastructure – the engine of growth.

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