7 Tips to take your business to the cloud

Smooth Data Transfer

No one is a fan of a slow connection, so an important factor of choosing a cloud hosting provider is establishing you have smooth data transfer. First step of establishing this is checking your own internet speed. If you are unsure how, read how to test your internet connection speed. You should be looking for an upload speed of at 1mb or higher if you want a reasonable transfer rate.


Short Downtime

Downtime happens in every data centre no matter the size. The question is, how long are they down for? A sign of a good provider is one that conducts regular security checks and updates. Regular checks help minimise downtime in the long term, but it shouldn’t effect your services. It is also worth evaluating how business critical your platform needs to be. An SLA of 99.99% is the industry standard. If you want less downtime you have to pay a premium, which can be a considerable increase.


No Scale to Scalability

One of the most attractive aspects of cloud hosting is that you have the ability to adjust your platform to your businesses needs. Good cloud hosting providers should allow for unlimited scalability, if they are limiting your cloud growth with resource restrictions then you know to take your business somewhere else.


Safe Virtual Location

Security is a top priority for our industry. Every business will keep data online and they all want to know its safe, rightly so. Having a secure hosting solution will not only protect your data, but it can also reassure your customers that you value their business.



SaaS(Software as a Service) and other products can be a popular and great replacement for traditional programs. Businesses can make big savings by only paying for what they use. The problems arise when using too many Saas products. Overuse eats up any savings made. You should have an employee or team that manages your platform.



This is simple, your provider should use multi-level encryption.


Non-Stop Support

Support should be one of the most important factors when choosing a cloud hosting provider. You should have 24/7 support as you never know when an issue may arise. Another tip is to check remote hands and the cost of additional support. For instance, one way we stand out from our competitors is our level of support. Our customers are able to directly contact our highly qualified support engineers at any time. We also offer generous remote hands as standard and also don’t charge an extortionate for additional hours.


If you take these considerations when choosing a provider then there is no reason why shouldnt have a good and lasting relationship with your cloud provider. Good support, security and a platform that fits your business needs are the basics.

If you would like to see if our cloud hosting solution is right for your businesses have a look at our packages or you can contact a member of Datacentreplus for some advice.

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