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PCI Compliant Servers

PCI Compliancy is easier than you think

As a business that deals with transactions online, you have a responsibility to your customers to ensure that their data is protected when they do business with you.

PCI Compliancy shouldn’t be complicated. Our PCI compliant servers are a step in the right direction in helping your achieve this.

How important is
PCI Compliancy?

PCI DSS is a global security standard designed to ensure that online transactions are made securely to the highest standards in a bid to combat against misuse and fraud.

ALL BUSINESSES that accepts, process, transmit and store payment details must be PCI DSS Compliant.

If you are not compliant and lose any customer card details, not only will your reputation will be severely damaged, but you could also face a fine of up to £50,000.

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We take security very seriously.

Our data centre is located on a secure site with 24 hour manned security, extensive CCTV coverage and only authorised personell can access these facilities.

Let us handle the security, whilst you worry about your business.

Optimised for
PCI levels 3 & 4

If your business has less than 1,000,000 e-commerce transactions a year, you fall into the Level 3 or 4 category for PCI Compliance

Level 3: Between 20,000 & 1 million transactions per year

Level 4: Under 20,000

Remain PCI

As your business grows, you will inevitably cross the transaction threshold.

Don’t worry, we will accompany your journey and provide you with additional servers, firewall, storage and whatever you need to remain compliant.

Secure Payment Online

Spend With Confidence

PCI-DSS compliance can give your customer the reassurance to spend with confidence. To ensure customer confidence is maintained, PCI compliance requires regular tests and checks and staff training.

We monitor for any suspicious behaviour that could put our customers at risk to help prevent problems before they arise.

We have custom engineered an environment that not only has the highest levels of security, stability and reliability but is also PCI compliant.

Helping you become PCI DSS Compliant

We will do the hard work and will keep you compliant by:

Providing a fully managed firewall to protect your systems, application and data.

Providing you with an SSL certificate to protect your data across public networks.

Installing and updating a protection suite against viruses and malware.

Two-factor authentication to protect logins.

24/7/365 physical data centre security.

Segmenting the network for additional network security.

Providing log management for troubleshooting should a problem arise.

Carry out penetration tests and threat management

Perform quarterly network scans by an Approved Scan Vendor.

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