Secure colocation in our UK data centre. We’ll support
your hardware in our state of the art facility.

You may have your own server equipment, but keeping it running and
safe is another thing. Need assistance? Get in touch today.

Our Colocation services:


1u space in shared rack, use our switch. As standard, you get the following:

From £79


2u space in shared rack, use our switch. As standard, you get the following:

From £119


4u space in shared rack, use our switch. As standard, you get the following:

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Whats included with all our Colocation packages:


1GB Port

No Extra Cost


Traffic Included


Network Guarantee


Power Guarantee

1/4 Rack (10U)

1/4 rack (dedicated or shared). As standard, you get the following:

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Half Rack (21U)

1/2 rack (dedicated or shared). As standard, you get the following:

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Full Rack (42U)

Full rack (42u). As standard, you get the following:

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What is Colocation, And How Does It Work?

Colocation is when a company rents space for its servers and other computing hardware at a third party’s colocation facilities. Rented colocation space doesn’t just include the rack space, but also the network it’s housed in, the physical security of servers being housed in a building and the cooling components needed to support the colocation server racks

Getting Started

Using a managed colocation centre means that a business doesn’t have to invest large sums in facilities. This will cover equipment such as a computer room, cooling, power, connectivity, and additional security. Space in a colocation data centre can be leased by what space you need. This can be a single server space, a full colocation rack or a caged suite (containing multiple racks). 

Once you’ve initiated the colocation process you’ll go through these 4 steps:

Moving in

Your existing servers will be moved into their own space at our secure building. At Datacentreplus we can provide you with the ideal solution for your server’s needs, from quarter racks and half racks right the way through to your own full, separate rack or dedicated suite.

Time to turn on the power

Once your physical build-outs are added to our existing infrastructure, it’s time to connect. Plug your power cables into our power grid and look forward to relying on our fully redundant power supply. The site engineering team will provide you with an IP address and an uplink port so that you can connect your dedicated hardware to our core network.

Cooling off is a breeze

After everything’s installed you’ll never have to worry about your managed colocation server rack overheating. Our data centre is kept at an optimum temperature by our site engineering team. We also have solid partitions for the physical hardware and multiple security zones that use advanced smoke detection and heat detection systems to keep your dedicated server or managed colocation rack secure

Expect continued access & support

Managed colocation racks are monitored by our site engineering team. They offer expert support as well as a high level of service to ensure your hardware is operating at its peak.

Here at Datacentreplus, we don’t just offer to lease the colocation space, rack, caged suite or server room. Our colocation facilities offer so many more benefits that will give you peace of mind, knowing you’ve got the ideal solution for you.

Why Colocate with Datacentreplus


24×7 Access

Colocation customers can be granted access to their equipment 24×7.

Migration Assistance

Our friendly expert engineers will be happy to assist you with your migration.

Generous Remote Hands

Unlike most of our competitors we are generous with our remote hands. We also don’t charge extortionate prices for additional hours.

What are customers are saying

24×7 Support

We take pride in our support and our tech team are always willing to help. Should you require assistance, our Helpdesk is available 24×7 and our site engineering team will be happy to resolve any issues.  Every colocation package comes with generous levels of remote hands so you can rely on us to keep your server(s) up and running at all times.  We know it can be nerve-racking moving your servers to remote locations which is why we go above and beyond to make sure you can rest easy knowing there is always someone keeping an eye on your servers.

Optimal operating conditions

We designed our data centre to ensure that your hardware is kept at optimal operating temperature. Cooling and extensive environmental monitoring keep your servers in check 24×7.

Resilience and reliability

Reliable power and connectivity is of utmost importance in a data centre which is why we offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee for these.   For connectivity, we use multiple carriers and have a fully redundant network with automatic failover.   Power to our data centre is also fully redundant, with UPS and generator backup available in case of power issues.

Security is our priority

Our Manchester colocation centre has been built with high security in mind. Host your equipment with us knowing that we have multiple measures in place to keep it safe. We built our data centre with multiple levels of redundancy in the event of a communications failure. Our facilities are guarded and monitored by round-the-clock manned security and controlled entry points. The site can only be accessed by authorised personnel. We are so secure that we were awarded the ISO27001 certification, a testament that physical and digital security is of the highest level.

UK Colocation Services – Manchester Colocation

For many keeping their own server equipment safe and secure from any accidental or even intentional 

damage is an issue. We offer UK colocation services to individuals and businesses that already own their own server equipment. Security is a top priority at Datacentreplus. We pride ourselves on offering clients 24/7 manned security, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and a gated access location to best offer protection to clients’ stored data. In order to offer premium data services we have created optimal operating conditions for servers to avoid any issues that may interrupt the efficiency of your server. 

Our Manchester colocation data centre is fully protected through multiple power supplies, generators, and UPS backups. We also utilise multiple network providers for added resilience.