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An Accessible World.

Our two main focuses for business is providing great customer service and at prices that attract customers that would not normally be able to use data centres. This is why we found this news from the Guardian worth sharing. PwC has recently released a report stating if we brought internet access to 4.1 billion people
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New cyber-security Rules for Europe

The European Council has adopted new rules for cyber-security. It aims to make networks and information services across the EU more secure and safer. The NIS (Network and Information Security) demands providers to put in measures that will minimise the risk of cyber attacks. They are also required to report any major security incidents. The
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A channel ready for change

We recently exhibited at the Convergence Summit North in Harrogate. We were represented by Gareth Riley and Emily Cole.  Gareth has worked in the Channel for a long at time and this was the year he noticed the most change. We thought it would be useful to share some of his thoughts: “While not my
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NASA almost lost a £154 Million drone to hackers

How easy do think it would be to fly a NASA Hawk Drone? Well, an activist group called AnnonSec had their brief time in the sky. The hackers claimed to have altered the flight path of a Global Hawk Drone (worth around £154m) with the aim of crashing it. What’s is even more worrying was
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Why northern data centres appreciate the cold.

From 100 GB a day in 1992 to 28,000 GB per second in 2013. The internet has rapidly grown and managed to find a way into almost every aspect of our lives. However, all this information needs somewhere to live and grow. The data centre industry has opted to take the load for this inconceivable
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Safe harbour is in troubled waters

Back at the start of the noughties in 2000 the EU and the US made a deal called the Safe Harbour. The deal allows US firms to take and process data from Europe without breaking EU rules. The ruling essentially meant that personal data from the EU couldn’t be transferred or processed if it didn’t
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Lets Work Together – The importance of collaboration

Netflix is moving to the cloud, they have announced they will be moving their last on-premises data centre into Amazon Web Services (AWS). Netflix already run their most of their internal applications and customer facing business off AWS, but they are now looking to move their video archive and backup away from its own infrastructure.
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What would you do to not give up the internet?

AT&T have conducted a series of polls that give some insight to Americans and whether they could give up the internet. The results are quite surprising. Let’s play a bit of would you rather? A statistic that may dishearten a lot of us is that 12.8% of your friends would rather attend your funeral than
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Mirai Botnet the thorn to the IoT rose bush

Every week we have a news story reminding us of the consequences of not implementing good security policies or at least not enforcing them. On Friday sites like Spotify, Netflix, GitHub, Twitter, Reddit, AirBnB were part of a large list of website that was hit by the attack leaving them inaccessible. A Chinese firm has
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