Littleborough Community Primary School – Christmas Gift donation

At Datacentreplus we want to humanise hosting and always strive to help people in any way we can.

We know just how tough the Christmas period can be for families, certainly with the events that have transpired in the past couple of years so we decided to help some of the families at the Littleborough Community Primary School!

With the help of the Littleborough Community Primary School PTFA, we were able to donate gifts to families in need so they were able to give their kids the Christmas they deserve. 

We always jump on any opportunity to get involved in a good/charitable cause!

We make it our mission to make a difference to people in need and even offer a discount to any charity looking to host with us!

If there are any charities or causes that you think could benefit from our support please get in touch at or give us a call on 0161 464 6101 to see how we could help.

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