Cyber ProtectPLUS

With our Cyber ProtectPLUS cover you get immediate access to our server experts to stop the attack and help fix your systems.

What is it?

Cyber attacks happen often and is unfortunately on the rise. The UK Government’s latest figures shows 50% of UK businesses experienced a cyber attack or security breach of some type last year.

Whether you are an SME or large business, cyber criminals are looking to exploit anyone they can and the consequences can often be devastating for the business.

With our Cyber ProtectPlus cover you get immediate access to our server experts to stop the attack and help fix your systems. You will also have access to post-recovery resources to advise on future mitigation, data breaches and next steps.

Key Benefits

Peace of mind – If the worst happens, we’re only a call away in helping to identify, stop and reduce the risk of further compromise and damage to your server and data. We have a dedicated team of experts, tools and the right training at your disposal.

Cost-effective – Our simple inclusive packages means you don’t have to worry about high hourly-rates in the event of a security breach event.

Security Advice Line – As the cyber threat landscape evolves, it’s difficult to keep up. Receive general security advice and guidance as and when you need it from our team.

What does it cover?

Cyber security attacks come in all shapes and sizes. Our Cyber ProtectPLUS product covers you in the event of any of the following types of breaches:

Cyber attacks – digital attacks that compromise your server.

Ransomware attacks – where criminals attempt to extort you for money by holding data ransom.

DoS and DDoS attacks – an attack that is designed to overwhelm the resources of a system to the point where it is unable to respond to legitimate service requests.

Malware and virus infections – inadvertent installation of malicious software that can then steal information from your sites and applications.

Business interruption – when your website or other server applications cannot function as a result of a cyber attack.

Zero-day exploits – where an OS or application vulnerability is known but an attack/breach occurs before a patch or solution is implemented.

Data breach – when your data is stolen or released to the public without your knowledge.

End Detection and Response (EDR) for servers –this is our single policy offering that features the world’s best protection against ransomware, malware, and exploits.

What do you get?

This service covers the customer in the event of any of the following incidents that result in a compromise of the customer’s server or data:Ransomware attacks.

  • DoS and DDoS attacks.
  • Malware and virus infections.
  • Zero-day exploits.
  • Server compromise.
  • Data breach/loss arising from one of the above incidents.

What is not covered?

  • Server(s) or data not hosted by Datacentreplus.
  • Where we are called to investigate a potential security breach that is the same as a previously identified breach and we reasonably consider that our recommendations from the previous breach have not been followed.
  • Please note that our service does not cover you for any financial losses arising out of a cyber attack.