Cyber Manage MDR

A fully managed, 24/7 service delivered by experts who specialise in detecting and responding to cyberattacks that technology solutions alone cannot prevent.

What is it?

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a fully managed, 24/7 service underpinned by Sophos who specialise in detecting and responding to cyberattacks that technology solutions alone cannot prevent.

DCP has formed a strategic partnership with Sophos, a widely respected and trusted service renowned for securing organisations against advanced threats, including ransomware. With top ratings from industry reviews and recognition as a leading vendor, Sophos MDR ensures your cyber defences are robust and reliable.

What to expect

Elevate Your Cyber Defenses – One of the major advantages of using an MDR provider over in-house only security operations programs is elevated protection against ransomware and other advanced cyber threats. With MDR you benefit from the breadth and depth of experience of the provider’s analysts.

An MDR vendor will experience a far greater volume and variety of attacks than any individual organisation, giving them a level of expertise that is almost impossible to replicate in house. MDR teams also investigate and respond to incidents every day, giving them much greater fluency in using threat hunting tools.

This enables them to respond more quickly and accurately at all stages of the process — from identifying the signals that matter to investigating potential incidents and neutralising malicious activities.

Free-Up IT Capacity – Given the potential impact of an attack on the organisation, when something suspicious is detected, you need to drop everything so the threat can be investigated and acted on immediately.

The urgent nature of the work can prevent teams from focusing on more strategic — and often more interesting — challenges. Working with an MDR service enables you to free up IT capacity to support business focused initiatives.

Organisations using Sophos MDR consistently report considerable IT efficiency gains from using our service, which in turn enables them to better support their organisation’s goals.

Get 24/7 Peace of Mind – With malicious actors located around the globe, an attack can come at any time.

Adversaries are most active at the times when your IT team is least likely to be online, such as evenings, weekends, and holiday periods. Consequently, threat detection and response is a round-the-clock task; if you only do it during office hours, you leave your organisation exposed.

By providing 24/7 coverage, MDR services provide considerable reassurance and peace of mind. For IT teams this means — literally — being able to sleep better at night.

They can relax knowing that the buck stops with the MDR provider — not them — and regain their personal time.

For senior leaders and customers, 24/7 expert coverage and a high level of cyber readiness at all times provides powerful reassurance that their data and the organisation itself are well protected.