5 steps to winning new business via email

We recently caught up with our friends over at The Future Factory, a marketing consultancy who help creative, digital and communications agencies with business development. Joanna Allcock, Account Manager shares her thoughts on how to win new business via email.

You’ve set up an agency and everything’s going swimmingly. The works flowing in, the staff are working hard, and your proposition is on point. But we wouldn’t want you to get too comfortable now, would we?

So, you decide it’s time, time to get your name out there and expose yourself to some new brands – we’re talking big, juicy, exciting brands. 

It’s the next day in the office, you’ve picked a brand and you’ve found a contact you’d like to speak to but now what? What are you going to say? How are you going to big yourself up without coming across too strong? More importantly, how are you going to construct an email which is one of the mere 17% that gets opened, never mind a reply.

What comes next is no form of wizardry nor anything ground-breaking, just a few simple tips which will help your email stand out from the pile.

First line = First impression

First impressions count right? According to research, it only takes seven seconds for someone to form their opinion of you when meeting for the first time. So when talking emails, your subject line is essentially the e-version of these seven seconds and you better make them count. 

Be funny, be smart, be tactical.

Whether it’s using a quote from the person your emailing, finding an article they’ve featured in, or drawing on a major brand challenge – the subject line is an opportunity for you to add your own touch while showing that you’ve done your research!

Be Human

Never mind B2B or B2C, it’s all about H2H – communicating human 2 human. 

But how do you actually do it? The secret is hidden behind three simple words.


See if they’ve visited any events recently, check if the brand has launched a new product or campaign, shamelessly stalk their LinkedIn if you have to. Research will allow you to tailor your email and make it more personal to them.

More personal = More human = More likely to engage!

Find a pressure point

So, you’ve got your subject line and you’re acting human but how are you going to demonstrate that you’re the right guy – the one who is going to solve everything!

Simple. Find out what that everything is. What are their pain points? What challenges are they facing? More importantly – how can you help?

Do your research and identify challenges and then demonstrate how your insights and experience have helped other organisations overcome similar challenges.

Revel in the relevance

If your work, insights and experience aren’t relevant then hope is not lost (although you’re probably barking up the wrong tree). Use trade press, LinkedIn and even the contact’s social media pages to find aspects of their work that resonates with your accomplishments. 

Although your work may fall into a different sector it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not relevant.  Try to find mutual ground and always build up your case around what you have in common.

Always end on a question

Questions will get their gears turning, demonstrate you care and will help to kick off a meaningful conversation. More importantly, it will show them that you care!

So remember.,,

First impression

Be human
Do your research

Pick at their pain-points

Find mutual ground 

You ready?!

If you would like any further information on The Future Factory you can contact them directly here.




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