• What is PLUS?

    Our business ethos and philosophy is based on always giving our customers more than our competitors which is why we call it ‘PLUS’. It lays the foundation of the Datacentreplus way of doing things.


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    What is PLUS?

     PLUS  is our shorthand way of saying what our brand stands for.

    PLUS Products

     Each product is part of the PLUS product set, representing our values and business principles.

    PLUS Family

    All of our customers are welcomed to the PLUS family and share in our business ethos.

    5 Reasons to Love Datacentreplus

    5 Star Rated Hosting Services

    Because we give a sh*t

    We love to speak to our customers and take the time to understand your business and what’s important to you. That’s why we have a dedicated customer success team, we invest heavily in our staff and infrastructure and actively encourage all our staff, including our engineers, to actually speak to people.

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    Not just a number

    More than a customer – part of the PLUS family. We’re not a ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’ hosting company and we don’t just measure our success by boasting about how many customers we have. Every customer means a lot to us and we aim to repay that loyalty.

    Technical Support


    We’re there when you need us the most. On the rare occasion when things do go wrong, we promise to make things right. First, and foremost, we aim to get the basics right by making it easy to contact us.  Contact our 24×7 helpdesk, contact your account manager or just drop a note to your favourite person – whatever suits you.



    Whether it’s for technical advice or you’re just in the area, you’re always welcome to drop in for a coffee and chat. It’s also easy to find us out and about, where business is done.  We actively support Manchester charities and we regularly attend and support lots of events in and around the City. We also regularly feature in the more well-known business awards, so keep an eye out for us!

    Hosting Services UK


    We’re open and honest and we’ll tell you if we’re not right for you. When something goes wrong, we will give full details of the issue and any preventive actions we can take to stop the same problem from happening again. We have an attitude of shared responsibility when it comes to looking after our customers and so we have internal processes that encourage openness between teams which ultimately benefits our customers. 

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