Cloud Servers Offer


Today our cloud servers are officially available online and purchasable through our website. We are very excited to provide our customers with more service options and flexibility. Our cloud servers can give customers a very economical and robust solution. Cloud servers can provide a great alternative to dedicated servers. Our servers are fully redundant and pack enough of a punch to compete with some dedicated servers.

You can configure your cloud server to how you want it. We will then have it ready within 30 minutes of payment.

To celebrate the launch of our new cloud server solution, we are offering 25% for 3 months for the first 50 customers!

Cloud Computing VS Dedicated Servers

Cloud computing has become a household term and in the hosting industry it is taking a lot of the limelight. With scalability, redundancy, on-demand services and attractive prices,  can dedicated servers compete with a Cloud/VPS offering? When looking at cloud computing VS dedicated servers,  it’s not easy to say which would win without looking at your businesses needs now…