Are You Based In-House?

An in-house IT infrastructure or even data centre can seem like the best option. It’s already in place. You have your IT department, everything is just fine. To move would be an expense, perhaps a nuisance, business is running as usual.

But what happens should here be a power failure or something even worse, things get old!?

It takes a bit of planning, maybe even a bit of consolidation, cutting out the old and superfluous, updating the whole idea of your infrastructure. However, the advantages of moving to a data centre far outweigh the risks of keeping your network and storage in-house. Firstly, like I just mentioned, it’s an excuse for a spring clean, to really identify your infrastructure requirements, everything can always be improved upon especially when it starts to get a little dusty. In fact we were recently offering IT health checks at an expo, when was the last time that you did?


Power, network, bandwidth and cooling, all of these attributes are connected to high outgoings. They are an expense that really, your office isn’t kitted out for. Equipment takes up a lot of space and should there be a failure, everything will more than likely grind to a halt. In a data centre your servers are in the optimum environment. In fact, finding a data centre that was purpose built means that everything is in place to keep the building cool, and to failovers on power and connectivity with ease should it be required.


As your servers get older, a hard drive or a processor fails, they takes time and money to replace, hardware can be a massive investment. Actually, if you were to rent a dedicated server from us for example, all hardware replacements are under our remit, they don’t cost you a penny. The whole environment is our responsibility, you just pay one fixed price a month.


If the worst does happen, do you have backups in place? A data centre can often offer affordable back-ups, with room to grow. Rather than having to spend the time estimating the amount of storage required and purchasing the kit, data centres have the whole thing set-up and ready to go, accessible via the cloud, we certainly do.


Being a data centre, we have in place multiple super fast connections. Do you find that you have latency with your in-house networks? Well, we can supply a variation of speeds fit for your need. If you really want it super fast, look no further than ethernet.


Your IT team have to be well-trained in a variation of skills to be able to look after the infrastructure correctly. Data centre engineers do this day in day out. They have generally seen all of the issues that arise and have dealt with them in exceedingly fast and timely manners. Also, data centres have SLAs (service level agreements) which means that should something not go according to agreement, they are held accountable. This is important as we realise that your business relies on its infrastructure. Our business is the internet and keeping your connected to it. Freeing up your staff to keep their attention on any other day to day responsibilities, unforeseen issues always pop up and it is best to keep your staff focussed on what they do best, it’s all about productivity. Data centres are also operational 24 hours a day, all year round.

What really matters is the knowledge and the environment. Reduce risk, downtime and energy consumption, increase security, efficiency and productivity.