Install WordPress Manually via FTP.

One of the reasons why WordPress is a popular platform for building and managing websites, is it’s simplicity to understand and use. This goes all the way to its installation which WordPress boasts by calling it the ‘famous 5 minute install’.

Whilst we can’t say that it’ll take exactly 5 minutes or no more than 5 minutes, it is certainly rather effortless to install.

If you’re using cPanel you can simply use an easy installer to get WordPress up and running.

For whatever reason you wish to install WordPress manually, this guide shows you how via FTP.

The guide also assumes the following,

  • You are using cPanel
  • You know how to use FTP
  • You have pointed your domain to your server IP


Download WordPress

Download WordPress from – it’s free to download and use.

Once you done this, unzip the files on your computer.

Upload files via FTP

Open up your FTP client and Log in.

You should see a file structure like this.

FTP File upload

Upload the WordPress files into the public_html folder. On FileZilla, you can simply drag and drop these files in.

It should look something like this once completed,

Wordpress file uploads

Create a Database for your website

You need to create a database for your WordPress installation to work.

Go into cPanel and navigate to the Databases section and click MySQL Databases

MYSQL Databases

Create a new database by giving it a name.

Click Create Database

database set up

Scroll down and
create MySQL Users

MYSQL Users set up

Choose a username, set a password and click
Create User

Scroll down to assign this User to the Database


Add user to data base

Select the user and the database and press

On the next screen, SELECT ALL PRIVILEGES for the account


Add user to Database

You have now created the database we need for the WordPress install.

Complete WordPress Set up

Open up a browser and type the URL of your website. If you followed the steps correctly, you should be welcomed with a page like this.

Set up wizard

The next screen simply tells you that you need your database details ready.


Install WordPress db details 1

Hit, Let’s go!

And you’ll be taken to the screen to enter those database details we’ve just set up.


Install WordPress db details 2

The rest is rather straightforward. Follow the on screen prompts to complete the set up.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress.