Sharing and mapping a network drive on Windows

There are few different ways to share your folder/drives on the network. The easiest way to share a basic shared folder/drive is through creating a Shared Folder Wizard. Please follow the simple steps below:

Sharing a Drive or Folder in Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Right click Start menu and Open Computer Management.
  • In the console tree, click on System Tools > Shared Folder > Shares.
  • Click on Action in the menu bar and select New Share.
  • Create a shared Folder Wizard will appear, please follow the steps, choose your folder/drive and click Finish.


Mapping in Windows 10

  • Click on Start menu and select This PC.
  • From the top menu bar select Map Network Drive.
  • Map network drive wizard will start, give a designated Drive letter and specify the path to the shared drive/folder.
  • You can give hostname or IP address of the server. In this example: \\\My Shared Folder