How to install Windows Server Backup on Windows Server 2012

You can easily install and activate your Windows server backup with the help of a simple wizard. It is not installed by default so if you want the function you will have to actively install it.
Step 1:
Log onto your server via Remote Desktop and open Server Manager


Step 2:
From the top right-hand menu, select Manage > Add Roles and Features


Step 3:
A wizard window will open. The first section is Before you begin. You should read this page before you advance. Click next once you have made the checks.

Install Windows Server Backup


Step 4:
The next section is Installation type. Select Role-based or feature-based installation > Next


Step 5:
The next stage is Server SelectionSelect your server from the server pool > Next

How to install Windows Server Backup


Step 6:
You can skip the Server Roles section (leave options as default). Click Next.


Step 7:
From the Features section scroll down and select Windows Server Backup and click next.

Install Windows Server Backup


Step 8:
On the confirmation page click Install. Once the install has be completed click close.


Windows Server Backup is available to use and run as a scheduled backup and one off.