How to install Windows Server Backup on Windows Server 2012

Backup is a very important part of server management, you should really have a backup policy that is regular, automated and in a different physical location. But sometimes you may just want a single backup, this guide will show you an easy method that is built into windows functionality.


Step 1:

Log into your server as an administrator.


Step 2:

Right click start/Windows key > Select Computer Management from the drop-down

Manual Backup Windows Server Start


Step 3:

In the left-hand navigation tree expand Storage > Select Windows Server Backup

Manual Backup Windows Server


Step 4:

In the left-hand navigation tree Select Local Backup and in the action window on the right select Backup once  

Manual Backup Windows Server1


Step 5:

A wizard window will open Select Different options > Click Next.

Manual Backup Windows Server


Step 6:

Select the area of your backup. You choose the entire server or individual disks. Once you are happy with your choice click Next > if you selected individual drives, select the drives you would like to backup and click Next.


Step 7:

Specify destination type. Select Remote shared folder > Click Next


Step 8:

This section is Specify remote folder. Enter the location of your Datacentreplus backup space in the text box available.


Manual Backup Windows Server


You can choose an option which is suited to you from access control.


Warning: If you already have a backup image located in the space then the warning window will pop up. If you click ok to carry on then your previous backup image WILL BE overwritten.

Manual Backup Windows Server Warning


Step 9:

In this step, you can check if the details for the backup are correct.


This is a Confirmation step. You can check whether the details for the backup are correct. If correct click Backup

If you look at the screenshot below:

1: You are confirming the backup details (destination/advance etc).

2: You want to select, what you want as backup.

Manual Backup Windows Confirm


If the details are correct click Backup.


Step 10:

The final part of the wizard is Backup progress. From this pane, you can see the progress of your backup. Click Close when finished.


After the backup has finished you can map a network drive to access it.

Please follow this link to Map Network Drive:


Step 11:

After the backup has finished you access the image at: