Assigning Additional IP Address to Windows Server

There are different ways to assign additional IP addresses on a windows machine. We will show you how to complete this task via GUI and command line:



Adding an IP address to network adapter:


Right Click the network icon in the Taskbar and Click Open Network and Sharing Center:




Click the Ethernet connection:





In the Ethernet Status window click Properties:



Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP4) in the Ethernet Properties and click Properties:



Click Use the following IP address: and enter IP Address, Subnet mask, Default Gateway and Preferred DNS Server and then click Advanced:




Click Add for additional IP addresses:



Enter the additional IP address and Subnet mask and Click Add:



You can repeat the process to add more IP Addresses to your network card.








Adding an IP address from the command line:


We can add an IP address via command line as well, and this can be done by command “netsh”

You can view the accepted parameters of “netsh” using “netsh /?” and you will be presented with a list of commands. To add the IP address we will use following string of parameters:


netsh interface ipv4 add address


Note: For Windows Server 2003/XP and earlier, replace “ipv4” with just “ip” in above command.


Following command will add the IP address with Subnet mask to the connection titled “Ethernet”:


     netsh interface ipv4 add address “Ethernet”


Note: Replace “Ethernet” with your own connection title/name.